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Santa Monica Edition: Why an Electric Bike Is Perfect For Sightseeing Around SM

If you're headed to Santa Monica, it just might be worth the extra expense to bring your bike along for the trip. Even travelers who come to town on business wind up enchanted with its many sights, and your electric bike is your opportunity to see more of them while taking charge of your own transportation.

The small charge to bring a bike on your flight is change next to the opportunity to avoid paying for rides around town whenever you want, whether you're there on vacation or for work. If you don't have your own electric bicycle, don't worry about it! There are plenty of e-bike sites, local tours and bike rentals where you can get one for the day if you want to see the sights.

Why Electric Bicycles in Santa Monica?

There's a lot of beachfront in this town, and an electric bike gives you the extra push you need to take it all in without tiring yourself out. Start at the Annenberg Community Beach House up near Pacific Palisades and enjoy the view all the way down to Muscle Beach.

You'll see iconic sights like the Venice Beach boardwalk, and you can easily stop to take pictures or talk to vendors whenever you're inclined to spend a little more time at a location. The local weather is warm year-round, so it's never a bad season for bike riders here either. An electric bike gives you the range of a motorized vehicle with the versatility to go most places that traditional bicycles go.

Top 10 Sights To See on the Waterfront

Before you start browsing electric bikes for sale to find the best ebike for tall riders, check out all the top local attractions and start thinking about which ones you want to spend your trip visiting.

  1. Venice Skate Park
  2. The Venice Art Walls
  3. Muscle Beach
  4. Annenberg Community Beach House
  5. Santa Monica State Beach
  6. 26 Mile Bike Trail
  7. Marina del Rey
  8. Pacific Palisades State Park
  9. Santa Monica Pier
  10. The Venice Beach Boardwalk

With the range you'll find on most women's electric bikes for sale, you aren't limited to the local sights either. Most low-speed pedal assisted models with a full battery charge will be able to extend your riding range far enough to see parts of West Los Angeles, Mid-City, and Brentwood if you're inclined to take a day and stretch your riding skills.

Finding Bike-Friendly Accommodations

Most hotels are accommodating if you let them know you'll have a bicycle in tow and you plan on storing it in your room, but there are just a few who are a little picky about bringing them indoors. In some cases, they may have a bike check available, which could be worthwhile if the price is right.

As you delve through your options looking for the best place to make a reservation for your next trip to Santa Monica, make sure you're asking the right questions about bike storage and amenities for riders. Traveling with a bicycle is becoming more and more common with each passing year, so it shouldn't be hard to find a hotel used to customers just like you.