Safe Car Purchase - All You Need to Know
October 29, 2020

Safe Car Purchase - All You Need to Know

If you are going to buy a used car, then you may have some questions and be in doubt whether you are making the right purchase decision. Is the vehicle registered in the databases of stolen vehicles?

What are the real odometer numbers? Did the car have any serious damage? Are there any manufacturing flaws that you should be aware of? To get answers to all the questions, you need to review all the specs of a car. It may sound a complicated thing; however, it isn’t so if you have the VIN number of the target car. This is how it works.

Know All the Truth About the Car

The only thing that you will need when reviewing car technical specs is its VIN number. It can be found in the vehicle datasheet or on the car plate along with the information about the country of manufacture, brand, model, and many more. Once you have a VIN code, the FAXVIN decoder will help you with the decryption of this combination. As a result, you will get a data sheet covering the following specs of the car:

  • Year of manufacture, model, and brand;
  • Real mileage of the car;
  • A list of repairs been carried out (if any);
  • A list of hijackings, fines, arrest (if any);
  • Info about the presence or absence of damage as a result of road accidents, natural disasters, etc.;
  • The number of car owners;
  • Data on car tech. inspection;
  • Current penalties imposed on the vehicle (if any).

Safe Car Purchase - All You Need to Know

As a result, you will get access to the complete story map of the car and will be able to make an informed decision on whether you want to purchase it or not. Reviewing the international and local story map of the vehicle can help avoid costly problems. Get a data sheet instantly and see if it is “fake,” damaged, or has twisted mileage.

Full-Fledged VIN Track

Running the VIN track, you get access to the information that can help you choose the right car or negotiate a better price:

  • Vehicle repair and maintenance pipeline;
  • Hidden Damage Data Sheet;
  • Odometer rollback;
  • Retrospective photography;
  • Joint ownership;
  • Theft records;
  • Typical defects of each model;
  • Other useful information.

After you have detailed specs of the target means of transport, you can save thousands of dollars. Even a small amount of missing information in the vehicle's story map can mean future repairs that will cost you a loy. Make sure you know everything about the car before buying it. Invest a little money and time in a VIN data sheet of the car you are interested in.

Safe Car Purchase - All You Need to Know

Feel safe on the road. Buying a used car, you run the risk of acquiring an unsafe vehicle. Make sure that your future used car does not have a serious accident that could make it dangerous for you and your loved ones. At the same time, it is important for you not to be faked. The car story map cannot be altered, distorted, or tampered with. So, you can always count on VIN datasheet details.

Safe Car Purchase - All You Need to Know