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Remodeling a Basement into an Entertainment Room

Creating a home entertainment room doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, if you have a basement then you probably already have the perfect space.

Choosing Screen and Sound Equipment

There are no hard rules when it comes to TV size. Ideally, though, the bigger you can go, the better. It’s a good idea for you to maximize the size of your screen while taking into account comfort. If you want something nice and bright, then opting for a TV from Samsung’s QLED range could be an option. OLED screens are also a great choice, as they provide true blacks and good levels of contrast when watching movies. If you want to supersize, then a projector could be a worthy investment. If you have a gaming PC, you can even connect this up as well. 

Entertainment Room

If you’re a gamer then the idea of playing a slot game such as Pirots on a 150” screen will probably sound quite appealing. The RPG releases will also look fantastic on a bigger screen, allowing you to have a greater field of view when exploring the wide-open world. One thing to take note of when choosing a projector screen is the lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the screen. As you’ll be building in a basement, this will have a major impact, as there probably won't be any natural light to compete with. 

Regarding sound, it’s wise for you to try and opt for Dolby Atmos if possible. Dolby Atmos can provide you with omnidirectional sound, providing a new level of immersion. You will be able to hear the action happening all around you, especially if you place speakers around the room. When adding a sound system to a basement, you do need to be mindful of damp and moisture, as the speakers will be mounted to the walls so any slight moisture might affect the overall setup you have. Some people choose to insulate the basement and add soundproof panels as a way to stop audio from traveling to the upper levels of the house.

Entertainment Room

Seating Considerations for Basement Conversions 

No entertainment room is complete without good seating. If you’re opting for a computer and gaming PC setup, then you need to make sure that the floor to your basement is nice and level. If not, you may find that your computer chair ends up skating around the room in the middle of your gaming sessions. Pouring a layer of self-leveling epoxy is a good solution to stop this from happening. If you’re opting for a home cinema setup, having a sofa and a reclining chair is always a good combination. 

Leather is a prime choice for home entertainment rooms, but bear in mind that if your basement is cold, leather may be uncomfortable. If your basement has any signs of damp, getting this treated with a damp course before you remodel is the best way to go, as moisture can lead to mold growing on fabric cushions.

Ultimately, remodeling a room into a home cinema or entertainment center has never been easier, especially if you are working with a basement as the lack of natural light makes it the ideal space.