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Reasons To Install "Smart Home" System

They say that every house looks like its owner: in the apartment of an elderly lady, every chair breathes comfort, the representative mansion of a successful businessman demonstrates respectability and self-confidence, and the art studio of a young artist fully reflects his creative flight of thought. At the same time, for every good owner, the hands do not work separately from the head: the eyes see, the ears hear, the brain makes decisions and gives commands to the body.

This is how the best result of work is achieved: the integration of all body systems into one whole leads to optimal functioning. It is the same in the Smart House - all systems in it work smoothly, incoordination, and are interconnected. In such a house, the wiring will not burn out because water from a spilled bath has got on it. Pipes will not burst due to constant temperature changes.

To harmonize life support systems in this way, to establish control over the house, to monitor it via the Internet or through remote video surveillance, to program the interaction of various systems at home and their behavior depending on the time of day, the weather, or, say, the mood of the owner, these days is completely out of the question. constitutes labor. The intelligent system "Smart Home" is a high-tech system that allows you to combine all communications into one and put it under the control of artificial intelligence, programmable and customizable.

Do you want the overhead light to come on in the evenings in the living room, and only the table lamp in the office was on during the day? Do you prefer to warm your feet in an armchair in the kitchen in winter, and don’t want to freeze in the bedroom in autumn? Do you want to be able to turn on the heater in the country house via the Internet so that the room warms up for your arrival? Or, say, you want to be notified via SMS about sudden power outages or alarms? Nowadays, this does not require hiring a whole expensive staff of servants and security - all this will be done by the Smart Home.

At the same time, one should not think that such a system is not available to a person who does not have a country villa but simply wants to be sure of the safety of his apartment when it is left unattended by the owner: the basic functionality of the Smart Home system is comparable in cost to the installation of a conventional intercom.

In addition, an already installed system can be further developed by adding new communications or expanding the interactions of those already connected. Start with an inexpensive, turnkey Smart Home solution, and then add whatever components you find most useful.

What does such a system include?

The smart home is a unified control system in a house, office, apartment, or building, which includes sensors, control elements, and actuators. Control elements receive signals from sensors and control the operation of actuators, acting according to specified algorithms and combining the following systems:

  • Home heating (using radiators or underfloor heating),
  • Ventilation and air conditioning,
  • Security and fire alarms,
  • Universal garage door remote openers;
  • Access Control System,
  • Control of emergencies: water leaks, gas leaks, power failures,
  • Video surveillance (local and remote),
  • Control of indoor and outdoor lighting,
  • Distribution of video and audio streams and in rooms (multi-room),
  • Control of heating of storm sewers, steps of stairs and paths,
  • Control over energy consumption, limitation of peak loads and distribution of loads by phases of the supply network,
  • Management of backup power sources: battery UPS and diesel generators,
  • Management of sewer pumping stations and automatic watering systems for green areas,
  • Management of gates and barriers,
  • Management of curtains, shutters, and blinds,
  • Remote monitoring and control of all home systems via the Internet.

Smart home benefits

Automated comfort control systems attract consumers and businesses. Using smart equipment, developer companies gain a competitive advantage. The installation of automated Smart Home systems can become a new direction for companies that are engaged in video surveillance, console or physical security, installation of access control devices.

Automated systems

The intelligent complex is easy to install, which makes it easy to make changes to the existing project of a cottage or apartment. Although the best option is to provide a smart system at the stage of designing or repairing a structure. A team of private specialists will cope with the installation: electricians, repairmen. The main differences are security, reliability, availability, ease of setup. All elements are made in a laconic design and are in harmony with the situation. The Smart Home system includes equipment of European quality. It is not necessary to develop a complex project and disturb the familiar environment to mount the complex.

Smart owner - Smart home!