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Questions to Ask When Hiring DUI Lawyers

In the even that you get charged with a DUI, you may want to do plenty of homework to save yourself, and that includes hiring a DUI lawyer. However, there are certain things that people need to ask, because you want a lawyer in most cases that has experience handling cases like yours. Some people who don’t ask these questions have problems finding the right lawyer, then face a loss, and larger charges, jailtime, and even revoked driver’s licenses when they end up not getting a good attorney. In this guide, we’re going to give you some important questions you want to ask an Oxnard DUI lawyer (or someone who’s claiming to be).

Ask About Their Experience Level

You want to know things like where they went to law school, whether they belong to certain state or federal bar associations, find out how many DUI or DWI cases they have gone to trial (some specialize in negating them before they ever get to trial). You also want to ask how many cases they have that are DUI or DWI cases – the more the merrier, because they’ll have more possibilities of handling a case like yours. If you'd like to find out more about DUI or DWI cases, go over to to read more about it.

How They Handle Your Case

If your lawyer doesn’t want to communicate your case when you go in for consultation, then they’re not probably very good at offering legal advice. Aside from the experience questions, you need to be open with them so you can ask them what kind of plea they’d recommend in your case, ask what things are going to work against you should it go to trial, and even ask how well they know the court system. You may even want to find out if any of their cases are court-appointed.

This doesn’t mean that they’re always bad if you’re getting individual legal counsel from them, but if they are more often a court appointed lawyer than not, you may want to bee a little leery at times. This can mean that they’re not only respected by the judge and the prosecutor, but they may be friends or friendly rivals.

Don’t Forget to Ask About Fees

This is something that many people don’t do. You want to know whether your lawyer will charge by the hour or by flat rates. You want to know things that are included with the rate, as well as what kind of legal expenses you’re going to pay throughout your case. You also want to know if they accept different payment methods, and whether or not they can offer representation, or give a refund if they don’t help you win your case (some of the best lawyers offer this, because they get more incentive if they win).


One of the best things you can do is hire a DUI or DWI lawyer to help you defend yourself if you get arrested for DUI. But if you want the best possible experience in the future, you should remember that you shouldn’t drink and drive and follow the law. Even your defense attorney will more than likely tell you that (and for good reason). This shows that they care about you as well, and aren’t just out there to get your money like a lot of lone wolves are.