August 28, 2020

Put The Energy Drink Down! Try Aromatherapy For An Energy Boost

Whether they need an energy boost to get through a tough workout or just to get through a tough day, a lot of people pick up an energy drink or a big cup of coffee. Though you might actually feel some extra energy from them, it is not a good idea.

Energy drinks are terrible for your health and coffee can lead to high blood pressure for some. And, yes, there are some healthy energy drinks that you can use for some energy.

But, there is another method that doesn’t get much attention. And that is to use aromatherapy to give yourself an energy boost so you can get through your day with an extra spring in your step.

There are oils whose scents trigger responses in the brain that can help you get some sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and even give you an energy boost.

If nothing that you’ve been trying has seemed to work, then try an essential oil through a room diffuser, diffuser jewelry, or even in a bath to give you the boost you need.

How aromatherapy works

Our body has receptors all over that control responses in the brain. Think about when you use a capsaicin cream for pain relief. This works because the chemical in the cream binds to receptors and the brain sends help to where the cream was applied.

We also have these receptors in our olfactory center, aka our nose. So when we smell certain things, a signal is sent to the limbic system in the brain. This is where emotions, mood and even memory work.

Think about a time when you smelled a certain food and it brought you back to sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen when you were little. Or a certain perfume reminded you of your first crush. That’s essentially aromatherapy.

How to give yourself a boost

There are two ways that aromatherapy can help you get some extra energy. One is to literally provide some energy by making the brain send some hormones to your body that will help you get moving. Another way is to increase your breathing so you can get more oxygen in your blood which provides some extra energy.

In the first case, using an essential oil like citrus is a great mood enhancer that gives you energy. Think of oils like lemon, orange and grapefruit to give yourself a nice pick me up.

To open up your breathing, there are herbal oils that can be used. Eucalyptus is an excellent oil that really helps to open up the airways. It works in much the same way a menthol rub is used on your nose or chest to help break down congestion when you have a cold.

Peppermint oil is also really good at opening up the airways and helping to give you a boost to get through a tough workout when you feel a little down. Be careful if you put it on your skin, however, as it is quite potent. If you use it for achy muscles then make sure it is diluted with some carrier oil.