Why women are attracted to bad guys
August 19, 2018

Powerful love spells – Why women are attracted to bad guys

Some people who do not understand female psychology are confident women like good guys.

However, if you have 4 or 5 female friends, you know women are not attracted to good men. In fact, almost all women are attracted to bad guys who work on them almost like hypnosis.

To understand how women’s brain works, we used spellshelp.com, a popular website known for having answers to most of the questions about love and relationships between men and women. It is clear to us now only thanks to that amazing website. 

First and foremost, bad guys (let us call them so in this article) attract women whose life was pretty boring when they were at school and then at college and probably at work too.

Every person has to go through certain phases of growing up, including the teenage phase associated with a desire to rebel, take risk, and have fun. If a woman did not have some of it for some reason, she will strive to make it up somehow, even if she looks like a person who has integrity and knows what she wants.

A love affair with a bad guy is a great way to do it. While dating a bad guy, she will act as if under the influence of powerful love spells. She can actually fall in love with the guy but her feelings for him will not last and she will end up feeling not proud of herself for having found the courage to date a bad guy and not having some pleasant memories, but feeling disappointed and confused over her questionable behavior.

As soon as she makes up for what she has missed, she will fall out of love with the guy and break up with him.

Such love affairs often result from a boring life. For your information, to live a boring life, you do not have to be single. A boring life is quite typical of couples who seem to have a perfect relationship.

A married woman can start an affair with a bad guy to make her life more adventurous and interesting and to experience something she has never experienced before.

It is hard to say how long this love affair will last because it depends on whether this becomes normal to the woman or she considers it just an adventure that has to end sooner rather than later.

According to psychologists, such love affairs last for up to 2 years for unmarried women and up to 2 months for married women.

Sometimes women who want to change their life need bad guys who tend to be rebels. It has nothing to do with love or the feelings created with an extreme binding spell. In this case the bad guy serves either like a ram or like a tranquilizer used by the woman to either go off her boring life path or break through the walls keeping her from moving forward. A bad guy gives her the confidence and strength that she needs.

But she starts a fight to become strong and independent. When she succeeds, she breaks up with the guy and tries to find someone as strong and successful as she is now.

By the way, absence of good candidates can also encourage a woman to start a love affair with a bad guy. As you know, the more successful the woman, the greater the chance of her dating a bad guy.

However, the latter should remember that she will probably keep their relationship secret because she cannot let it ruin her reputation. On the bright side, the guy can be sure his successful lover is real with him and loves him.

However, such relationships do not last either. All successful women are quite bossy and sooner or later the bad guy will get tired of being bossed around by his lover. If he tries to adjust, he will stop being a rebel in her eyes and the woman will lose interest in him.

A lot of work is needed to keep this relationship alive in which by the way fights play the role of a strongest attraction spell. After getting a release, both will be able to relax for a while and accept each other’s independence and cruelty.

We should also remember about one law known as “the need for psychological compensation”. It works every time the woman blames the men around for her own failures. When the woman is young, she blames her father and starts dating one of the bad guys who always gets in trouble at school and is the opposite of her father.

When she grows up, she starts a love affair with a bad guy if she blames her “boring loser husband” for her failures and unhappiness. 

While it is okay for little girls to be attracted to bad guys, it is not for older women and may indicate some psychological issues.

While no woman is obliged to love her husband as much as under one of the simple love attraction spells, it is important to remember that a psychologically healthy woman will always try to find someone better than her boyfriend or husband if it comes to this.

Trying to find someone worse than her means the woman is self-destructive. Why she is so? This is something to be discussed with psychologists or other specialists working with the human mind and soul.

We believe this article has made it quite clear to you. If you disagree, leave your comments below as we would like to know your opinion about it.

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