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Top 25 Photoshoot Outfits Ideas for a Stylish Look


In this article, we selected the best photoshoot outfit ideas that will help you decide on the style of a future photoshoot, as well as allow you to take original photos. All options are universal and can be used both when photographing one person, a family or take group photoshoots, as well as for a love-story photo session. If you're looking to level up your photography game, you should check out Best Cameras For Fashion Photography 2021

1. Plaid Shirts


They can be used for any photoshoot, both for adults and for children. For a couple photo session, avoid making models look like twins and dress them in different colors. Also, it is better to use more muted tones or those that are in harmony with the background. If you want to use bright clothes, the background should be the same.

Such an element of the wardrobe is often used for portrait photo ideas precisely because of its versatility. Additional elements of the wardrobe are jeans, sunglasses and plain t-shirts that don’t require buttoning up a shirt.

2. Focus on the Jeans


To create a simple but quite elegant look, you can use a combination of jeans and plain T-shirts in neutral colors.

In the case of group photos, it is best to match jeans in color. Such an idea is suitable for a street photoshoot, and for studio shooting.

3. Classic Suit


If you need to get more business photos, then we recommend using classic suits. But for a good shot, you should follow a few tips.

It is best to wear suits of dark colors, a monotonous suit or a suit with thin stripes will give greater versatility and relevance to your portrait.

4. White T-Shirt


A white T-shirt will go perfectly well with any wardrobe: jeans, skirts, shorts, a leather jacket, etc. This is one of the few photoshoot outfits ideas that always look great in the frame and give a lot of variations to get the necessary image.

Take care to wear a T-shirt without any logos, as well as fairly loose in cut for models of any gender.

5. Cocktail and Evening Dresses


If you want something bright and, at the same time, very feminine, then cocktail dresses will come to the rescue. The long, knitted dresses of a tight fit perfectly draw the silhouette, but you need to be careful with them since they can emphasize all the conceivable and inconceivable flaws of the figure.

Silk dresses with vertical ruffles look great in photos, and clothes made of lace and translucent, flying fabrics are very suitable for black and white shots.

6. Sweatshirt


Conservative people will feel more comfortable with restrained monophonic models of watercolor shades, bold sports colors are a better fit for progressive ones, creative people could enjoy pop art design or loud slogans and catchy inscriptions.

This element of the wardrobe can be combined with anything. At the same time, sweatshirts are great for photo ideas to realize at home.

7. Sportswear


A sports photoshoot has become a real trend in recent years. To get successful photos, pay special attention to the appropriate photoshoot looks. Organize the shooting depending on the sport that a model is fond of.

To do this, you can use such clothes: kimono, boxing shorts and gloves, a swimsuit, a beautiful suit for fitness, branded sportswear. The image is complemented by appropriate shoes and props.

8. Beachwear


For beach photoshoots, opt for light-colored clothes made of light, breathable fabric, such as linen and cotton. We recommend using pastel shades: lilac, mint, light blue, peach, etc.

If you are planning a group photoshoot, try to ensure that the participants' clothing is matched. By the way, we like the fashion for one-piece swimsuit models, they look sportier and you immediately get flashbacks of the “Baywatch”. Or check out these fashionable gay swimwear from Kaftko to give you all the summer vibes.

9. Use Vintage Style


The classic version is a small black dress with an elegant cut. You can give preference to various feminine silhouettes, such as an A-line dress, a flippy skirt or a strict pencil-skirt suit.

As for the colors, give preference to classic black and burgundy, juicy red, bright gold, and emerald. Various prints, such as polka dots or floral patterns also look great. We advise men to use plaid suits, bow-ties, and hats.

10. Underwear


This option is suitable for girls, who want to get spectacular boudoir photos. Currently, such a variant of underwear as a body suit has become very popular. It always looks stylish and attractive, and is perfect for girls, who want to hide their tummy.

Considering what to wear for photoshoot don’t forget to take a pair of necklaces or beads in case you and a photographer decide to create an additional focus in the photo. You can take ordinary jewelry or a pendant with precious stones.

11. Use Street Style


A style that has originated on its own and reached the height of a fashion trend attracts many people but is rather difficult to achieve. Having no strong characteristics or a particular framework, it is mostly represented by convenient and practical items.

It is very difficult to define specific rules and frameworks. The most well-established trend of recent seasons is trousers with a lower crotch and loose-fitting clothing: t-shirts, heavy knit sweaters, shirts, bright jackets, etc.

12. Rock ‘n’ Roll


If you are a crazy fan of some rock groups or simply love the esthetics of wearing a leather jacket over a print T-shirt, definitely bring your stylish pieces to the photoshoot. To look really bold and stylish, take care of the main attributes such as a crazy hairstyle, bright makeup, skinny jeans, and anything leather.

13. Opt for Monochromatic


If you want a really stunning effect, make note of a pleasing location and dress in the shades of one color that matches it. Such a strategy helps to emphasize your face with the least effort because everything in the image is so uniform that it will naturally stand out. You can bring uniformity by correct color correction though. It also makes the whole scene more interesting because the details have to be made out of the mass of similar shades.

14. Add Vibrant Colors


A great match is clothing in calm pastel colors with an accent. Keep all the items in the outfit in mellow tints, only allow one striking pop of brightness. Or use only bright clothes.

Try to avoid colors such as red, green or blue, but if you have a very strong desire to still include this gamma in the image, then put it away from the face.

15. Use Handbags


If the photoshoot is planned on the street, using a handbag or clutch bag is a wonderful sample of photoshoot outfits ideas. Including a stylish handbag can add the right share of charm to the image. It is advisable to choose a small model on a chain or strap, clutches also look great.

16. Create a Family Look


If it is a family photoshoot, plan the so-called family look: clothes in the same style and color scheme for all participants. Today, a family look is trending high, so your clients could already have suitable.

You can use jeans, tracksuits from the same brand that have the same color, knitwear, or comfortable light jackets. Including the same accessories like scarves or hats, ties or glasses is also a nice idea. You can see gm photographics to generate more ideas to capture beautiful moments with your family.

17. Winter Style


Items that convey the utmost coziness are a chunky knit sweater or a puffy blanket scarf. These are the most desired items for a photoshoot in winter or autumn. In addition to those, we recommend adding bright accents, for example, red caps with earflaps or mittens.

The must-have frame of a snowy winter is the one with your model blowing on a handful of snow, sending beautiful sparkles flying around. A wider aperture is recommended to blur away the background, and taking close-ups, you will get beautiful details.

18. Use Large Hats


If you are a tall and stately girl, then wide-brimmed hats will look good on you. If you are miniature, then look for neat hats with a small brim. Different hats may suit girls of medium height and complexion.

For a photoshoot, you can wear hats with a coat or a trench coat. You can choose the tone for outerwear, or you can play in contrast, depending on what impression you want to make.

19. Consider Hipster Style


If you want an unusual and vivid image, then the hipster photo shoot outfits would be perfect for this purpose. Only choose “skinny” jeans, narrowed along the entire length, as well as skirts and shorts. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, tops should be with bright prints, images of animals, inscriptions.

One of the important final elements of the image is shoes: converse, derby, tennis shoes, moccasins, espadrilles, loafers, or slippers. Shoes can be of bright colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, etc.

20. Shooting in the Spirit of The Great Gatsby


The main features of this era are elegance and simplicity. Outfits with a straight silhouette, a minimalistic bob or styling imitating it, a hat with a straight brim or a ribbon in your hair will allow you to easily create the desired image. Straight dresses to the floor without tucks or short dance dresses with fringe are the best choice to recreate the style of the 20s.

As matching accessories, you can use long gloves, long mouthpieces or furs. Men should dress in three-piece suits complemented by a watch with a chain and caps or hats as a headdress.

21. Disco or The 80s Style


To cheer up, choose a disco or 80s style that demonstrates femininity and provocative sexuality. There is wide expanse for imagination: acid costumes, juicy outfits, strange hairstyles, funny and even silly poses.

Portfolios, reticules, cassette recorders, neckerchiefs, and headbands are suitable as accessories. Makeup should include bright shadows and blush, and decorate the hair with plastic hair clips or colored hoops.

22. Use the Grunge Style


The outfit should be mostly monochrome, with shades of grey prevailing but some other dark colors also acceptable as long as they are muted. An indispensable element in an outfit is a flannel shirt that can either be the main element, buttoned-up or let loose, or as an accent tied up around the hips.

In terms of shoes, you can use the famous Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, as well as military-style boots.

23. The Image of Alice in Wonderland


One of the favorite characters for creative photo ideas is Alice. To repeat it, take photos on a forest glade, park area, or a cozy garden. You can even have a tea party in the living room at home.

The outfit for a photoshoot in this style should include a puffy dress with a white apron and a large bow on the back. Ideal shoes are flats or low-heeled shoes that can be worn with long socks or striped stockings. Hair is best decorated with a ribbon or rim.

24. Use the Vamp Style


One of the most stunning photoshoot looks implies bright colors, sexy clothes, elements from the men's wardrobe, massive jewelry, and animal prints. The emphasis in makeup should be done on the eyes and lips. Accessories for the fatal image are a glass of red wine, a newspaper, a mouthpiece.

When planning a photo in the vamp style, you can choose an office or a bedroom as a place for shooting. Separate corners with leather armchairs or sofas, fireplace areas are also suitable.

25. Turn into a Cowboy


For Western-style pictures, both a strict image with elements of men's clothing and a sexy feminine outfit would look good. Such a shooting can be organized at a stable or in the open field. Use a backdrop with wooden structures.

The image for a Western-style photograph should be stylish and comfortable. It is better to use checkered shirts, suede or leather shorts, jeans with a beautiful belt, traditional cowboy hats.