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Personal Tips For Better Public Hygiene


The outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 virus has pretty much changed the way the world operates now. While we spent most of 2020 pent up inside our houses, things have finally started to return to normal now. But just because you can go out and socialize doesn’t mean that you should stop taking precautions.

Going out in public requires you to protect yourself from viruses and various germs in public areas. Because every surface you touch has been touched by numerous hands, sick and healthy, and the air you breathe is full of pollutants. So we have compiled some personal hygiene tips that can help you stay safe in public.

1. Shower twice a day 

You are most often covered in oils, sweat, and dead skin cells after you wake up from a long night’s sleep. Showering in the morning helps to get rid of all the built-up oil and sweat from your body. Apart from that, it freshens you and prepares you for a long and active day.

But even more important than that is to shower after you come home after a long, tiring day. You come in contact with dirt, grime, bacteria, and germs throughout the day from the air, dust, and surfaces you touch in public. Therefore, you must always bathe after you come home to keep yourself clean and safe.

2. Use sanitizers and wipes

Whether you like to or not, you cannot avoid touching surfaces in public. But you have to realize that not everyone might be as concerned about their hygiene as you. People who are sick, unclean, or healthy all touch the same surface.

There are two solutions to this problem. You can either wear gloves all the time. Or second, you can use hand sanitizers and wipes as often as possible. Clean tables and chairs before you use them with a wipe, and then do your work. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers with drying properties to kill all the germs on your hands instantly.

But a drawback of frequently using a hand sanitizer is that your hands can dry out quickly. So choose a good quality alcohol-based hand sanitizer with moisturizer in it. Use it before you take a meal, after you go to the restroom, or shake hands with a colleague.

3. Practice a healthy lifestyle

Cardiovascular diseases and obesity are among the topmost growing public health concerns due to a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to know more about these concerns, consider enrolling in a masters in public health online degree for some added knowledge. Who knows, you might even be able to broaden your career prospects.

Your body needs good immunity against diseases so that you can stay healthy. But laying around all day with little physical activity and bad eating habits can slow down your immune system. This can make you more vulnerable to diseases if you catch germs. To fix this, consult with a nutritionist. They can guide you on how to make healthy choices for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

4. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze 

When you are out in public, you are responsible for your own health and those around you. If you have a viral disease like the flu, take precautions to stop spreading it to others. You can wear a mask in public that will keep you from inhaling any germs or spreading them when you cough or sneeze.

If you don’t have a mask, make sure you cover your mouth with a napkin or your elbow pit when you cough or sneeze. In this case, throw away the napkin and sanitize your hands and elbow pit as soon as possible. Either way, just don’t cough or sneeze in someone’s face. It’s disgusting and rude!

5. Keep hand soap and tissues in a purse

Working in public spaces means that you will catch dirt and oils from various sources and people all day long. And soon enough, your hands and face will start feeling clammy and dirty. Once you start feeling this way, make sure to clean your hands and face as soon as possible because germs and bacteria thrive on oily and dirty skin. Keeping soap in person will allow you to wash your hands and face as soon as you are accessible to water. If that is not possible, then keeping wet tissues and wipes can solve that problem.

6. Maintain hygiene with pets 

We all love cuddling next to our beloved furry friends. But they can often become the source of germs and diseases that can put you in bed. Pets roam around all day long and often play in the dirt outside. Their fur and paws get dirty, and it’s not like they can sanitize after they roam in the garden for the sake of your safety. So you will have to take precautions yourself.

Bathe your pet as often as you can, and groom them regularly. Get regular checks to find out if they have ticks and bugs in their fur, and treat them accordingly. Make a habit of washing your hands and changing your clothes after you play around with your pet. After all, you don’t want to end up sick in bed and make your furry friend feel lonely.

7. Get routine checkups 

Last but not least, you must keep tabs on your health by getting routine checkups. Get vaccinated against viral diseases in time, and get bi-yearly checkups to detect any potential health-related problem that might be lurking underneath your skin.

If you feel sick in the slightest, visit a physician and get treated accordingly. Getting professional healthcare help before your condition gets worse can save you from long-term pain. Getting checkups routinely can help detect any underlying health issue and treat it before it poses a problem.


Maintaining personal and public hygiene is crucial, for we all want to live a healthy life. So whether you are at home or out in public, keep your hygiene. Our list covers the basics of maintaining personal hygiene when you are out in public. They can help you stay safe and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, healthy life is a good life.

Personal Tips For Better Public Hygiene

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