Not Getting Enough Reasons to Quit Smoking? This will Help You Change Your Mind
December 17, 2019

Not Getting Enough Reasons to Quit Smoking? This will Help You Change Your Mind

Have you been planning to quit smoking but not getting enough inspiration? Apart from damaging your respiratory system, we have listed below a few reasons that will definitely change your mind;

1. Inhale Fewer Germs:

Research suggests that cigarettes contain germs that get inhaled along with the smoke which leads to you falling sick apart from spoiling your health.

2. Smoking is an Expensive Habit:

Cigarettes are already costly and on top of that, the tax on cigarettes is going up every year which adds on to the burden. Smokers are already addicted and tend to smoke multiple times a day hence this habit is quite expensive to maintain.

3. Smoking Can Affect Your Sexual Performance:

If your performance in the bedroom has diminished, then it is your smoking habit which is causing this as smoking affects circulation in the long run which can lessen the blood flow to your genitals causing difficulty in getting aroused.

4. You'll Sleep Better:

Most smokers feel unrested due to the fact that they face disturbance in sleep due to nicotine addiction. This is more prominent in people who try to withdraw.

5. Non-Smokers Are Preferred Employees:

Organizations are focussing on creating smoke-free zones by encouraging employees to quit and adapt to a healthy lifestyle which can be good motivation in itself.

Smokers Affect the Health of Others Nearby:

As we all know that too much passive smoking is also bad hence by smoking constantly you are also jeopardizing your family and friends' health. The same is applicable to you when others smoke near you.

You need to immediately quit smoking and get smoke masks for you and your family members so that you do not become a passive smoker.

According, the additional advantage of using such masks is that as the pollution in cities is on the rise, you may not be smoking but the pollution inhalation may become so high that it is equivalent to smoking a few cigarettes hence save your respiratory system from all kinds of dust and smoke by using dust masks.

6. Non-Smokers Have Stronger Bones:

Research has suggested that the bone density of smokers is 2.3 to 3.3% lesser than non-smokers which is even worse in women, hence the chances of fractures and bone-related issues are higher.

7. Smoking Affects Your Hearing Ability:

Smokers have complained about a ringing sound in their ear which occurs due to hearing loss which they develop, and the chances are as high as 70% than non-smokers.

8. Smoking Increases the Risk of Heart Diseases:

Smokers have a greater risk of developing coronary heart disease and twice the risk of sudden cardiac death than non-smokers who suffer from coronary heart disease.

9. Smoking Increases Your Dental Expense:

As you must be already aware that smokers constantly need to get their teeth cleaned, hence your dental expenses will rise drastically.

10. Smoking Diminishes Your Sense of Taste and Smell:

Smoking has been known to diminish your sense of taste which means you may not enjoy your food much and similarly it also affects your sense of smell which may damage your quality of life.

The Bottom Line- Live Longer and Healthier:

The best reason to quit smoking is that it not only increases your life span but also improves your quality of life, which is how everyone dreams to live their lives.