Neogen Pad A gem in the World of Natural Skin Care Products
August 01, 2019

Neogen Pad A gem in the World of Natural Skin Care Products

Part of having healthy and clean skin involves using the right skincare products. Natural products are the best representation of good skin products. The quality of functional cosmetics is not based on the pricing but the ingredients. The fewer the chemicals in the ingredients the better the quality of the product for the skin.

Neogen Pad is a natural product with lemon serum as its ingredient. The gauze pads are made of pure cotton contained in a patented three-layered sheet. The cotton pads are smooth and work well with the lemon serum on the skin. Both elements are plant-based. Neogen is an exfoliant which requires topical application with the cotton pad to remove dead skin cells.

The Lemon serum acts as a skin cleanser and purifier. It is acidic. The acidity helps the skin get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus which are responsible for acne formation. The skin is naturally acidic for this purpose as well.

Furthermore, the lemon serum has an abundance of Vitamin C which plays an important role in improving skin health and functionality. Vitamin C is also a natural skin component found in the epidermis and dermis. It is known as ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are essential in neutralizing free radicals (charged molecules in the body). Free radicals react with cellular components damaging and destroying them or modifying their functionality. Antioxidants cancel the harmful effects of free radicals by acting with them to produce less-harmful by-products which are then excreted from the body.

The Neogen Pad provides an easy way of including vitamin C on the skin. The vitamin is absorbed by the skin and performs its function in maintaining healthy skin cells, the generation of new cells, and the removal of dead and dull cells. The process is only down once or twice every subsequent week.

Vitamin C also is an excellent natural toner. It acts on dead skin; acne scars and sunburns affected cells which have heavy pigmentation and contribute to the skin’s uneven skin tone. By removing the dead skin, the process of generating new skin is enhanced. The new cells contain the right amount of pigmentation for the skin. Therefore, the skin acquires an even skin tone concerning its natural hue.

Neogen has an easy application process. The cotton pads are soaked with the lemon serum and applied on a clean face. The process is done only ones or twice a week to enable the skin to absorb and work with the serum nutrients.

The serum produces radiant skin. The skin consistency is also improved with the removal of dead skin and the generation of healthy even-toned skin.


The benefit of using natural skin care products is in the ability of the ingredients to function in tandem with the skin constituents. No biochemical processes are hindered or stimulated beyond their natural rate of functioning. Additionally, the products are environmentally friendly and are produced in an animal cruelty-free manner. Investing in natural products can be considered an environmental preservation measure.