My Experience Purchasing the Gucci GG Black Backpack for Men From SehaBags | An Accurate Review
August 01, 2022

My Experience Purchasing the Gucci GG Black Backpack for Men From SehaBags | An Accurate Review

There's a widely accepted misconception regarding luxury men's backpacks being wasteful purchases. It's something I used to believe until recently. Fast forward to today, and it has become one of the most popular fashion items to invest in. Not only is it a reflection of your personality and style, but it also speaks volumes about your taste and voracity.

This is why I decided to finally invest in a designer backpack, specifically the Gucci GG Black Backpack for Men from SehaBags. I had been eyeing this backpack for months before I finally took the plunge and made the purchase. Why do I believe Gucci is a great option? The only reason why I was hunting a Gucci bag in particular was because I wanted this bag for quite some time and a company that firmly believes in doing green business & minimising carbon footprint was everything I could’ve ever asked. By purchasing I knew I was contributing to the benefit of the society as well as the environment. The fact that they are a big name in the industry and are eco-friendly helped me make my decision a lot quicker and easier.

The backpack arrived at my doorstep a week after I made the purchase. When I opened the box, I was absolutely thrilled and saw the backpack in all its glory.

Introducing the GG Black Backpack for Men

The GG Black Backpack from SehaBags is a luxurious, unisex backpack designed to perfection. The backpack is available in a distinct black/grey combination and is enriched with black leather trims & adjustable padded straps with a mesh backing to easily carry around as you please. It comes with a soft GG Supreme canvas body and has a drawstring & a front flap closure with two front sternum straps on either side with buckle fastener clips instead of a traditional zipper.

Front is Simply Classic

The Front is Simply Classic

As far as the front side of the backpack is concerned, it has a single compartment with a drawstring and flap closure on top with buckle fastener clips. This perfect combination makes the backpack stand out from any other GUCCI men's product. As smooth & sleek in style, as it appears, so is the use of this backpack in real life. The logo on the front is the traditional GUCCI styled logo, embossed on the front flap made of simple black leather. The backpack also has side flap pockets with magnetic snap closure to carry small or medium sized objects.


The Spacious Interior 

When you open the backpack, you will be surprised at just how spacious the interior of. The backpack has a single compartment with soft GG Supreme canvas lining and a padded iPad sleeve. The interior is made of a coated microfibre fabric that is very soft and comfortable to feel. It also has a smartphone pocket and an additional open pocket to store other essential items. The backpack's interior is spacious and can easily accommodate all your belongings. 


The Well-Thought-out Back

From the back, the backpack appears the same as any ordinary backpack out there. The black canvas and mesh combination gives a sleek and minimalistic look, which I simply fell in love with. The backpack has a black mesh back for added comfort that absorbs perspiration, so you don't have to worry about that. The shoulder straps at the back of the backpack are adjustable and padded, making it easy to carry around without experiencing any problems whatsoever. The base of the back has leather trims, adding to the durability and luxury of the backpack.


How It Appears When You Carry It Over the Shoulder

The Gucci GG black backpack is extremely comfortable to carry, thanks to its adjustable padded straps and mesh backing. It is also lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use. I have been using this backpack for work, travel and even leisurely days out and it has never let me down. The Gucci GG black backpack is also quite spacious, perfect for carrying all my essentials wherever I go.

Regarding the stylish look, the Gucci GG black backpack doesn't disappoint me at all. The black/grey colour combination is classic and timeless, and the leather trims add the perfect touch of luxury. I also love that the backpack is unisex, so I can share it with my significant other without experiencing any problem.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Gucci GG Black Backpack for men. If you're of the mind of creating a fashion statement, then the following backpack is simply one of the perfect options for you to carry around. Whether you want something for luxurious day to day use, or simply want something which is perfect for leisure and can be easily carried around without any issues, the Gucci GG black backpack is the right option.

Overall, I would say that I simply love my new Gucci GG black backpack and would recommend anyone who just might be interested in making a purchase.