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Must-Have Travel Items and Gear For Dog Owners

So you’re hitting the road with your best friend? And by best friend, we mean the four-legged kind that wags their tail excitedly when they see you. Yes, you’re off on a road trip with your dog, and you are getting everything ready for the trip. You know what to pack for yourself, but you’re not positive what you should pack for your pooch. Read on for some must-have travel items for dog owners.

Tags, Leash, and Collar

You never want to let your dog off of the leash when you are at a rest stop. Even the most well-trained, well-behaved dog may get carried away when they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Keep at least one leash with you at all times, and don’t let their collar come off during the trip. Make sure their dog tag is up-to-date with your personal information, just in case they get loose.

Food and Water

Bring more than enough dog food for the trip, along with their dog food dish. If your dog eats dry food, you may want to measure out how much you need for the trip into a sturdy container with a lid. You’ll also want to bring gallons of water for your dog. Make sure you stop regularly for your dog to drink. You can also bring some snacks for your pup, but don’t give them too much. You don’t want stomach issues while you are on the road!


A road trip is an adventure for you, but your dog will likely be anxious cooped up in a vehicle for hours at a time. It’s always a good idea to give your pup as much attention as you can during stops. Another way to lower their anxiety is by using CBD oil. CBD oil works great for dogs that experience anxiety and nervousness, especially during car trips. It can help them relax and enjoy the trip, so make sure you pack high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil before you leave. You can find CBD Products for the pets on various online stores.

Waste Bags

Don’t get caught at a rest stop without the waste bags you need to clean up after your dog. It’s no fun having to pull off to buy bags while you are on a road trip! Check online for dog waste bags that come with a dispenser and a clip for easy use. The dispenser clips to the leash while you are walking your dog. Make sure you dispose of the waste properly!

Vet Records

It’s important to keep your dog’s vet records on you while you are traveling, especially if you happen to cross any borders during your trip. Make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date before you leave, and include the record of them with all other vet records. You’ll need them if you have to board your dog in a new kennel during your journey, or if you have to make an emergency stop at a vet.

Seat Covers and Restraints

If you are allowing your dog to ride outside of a crate in your vehicle, then you will want to protect against dog hair. No matter what the season, your dog is going to shed all over your vehicle. Seat covers will make it much easier to clean your car of the dog hair once you get to your destination.

Some states require dogs to be restrained in vehicles. Check the laws of the states you will be in to see if it is the law there. No matter what, it isn’t a bad idea to look into car restraints for your dog.

Blanket and Dog Bed

Does your dog have a favorite blanket that he or she sleeps with at home? If they do, make sure to bring it along. A familiar blanket will make your dog feel less anxious about being in the vehicle for long hours.

If they don’t have a blanket, a small throw blanket will do for the time being. A blanket will also help once you get to your destination, especially if you happen to be a guest somewhere.

If you have a dog bed that fits in the car, bring that along. Again, your dog will feel more comfortable with a familiar smell during their trip. You can also bring it into a hotel if you are stopping for the night.

Dog Toys

We all get bored once in a while during a long car trip. Your dog will get bored, too. Bring along any dog toys you have at home, or purchase a few new ones for the trip. Your dog will be thrilled to have something to do while you are driving.

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