Malaysia Registration Of a Company
April 22, 2020

Malaysia Registration Of a Company

Due to the increased demand for work and business, many questions that pop when you decide to plan a business setup in Malaysia. Are you looking for a guide for registering a company in Malaysia, 3e Accounting is a trusted Malaysia registration company and has the answers to all your queries

Why is Malaysia a good option for business?

Malaysia is the hub of businesses. It is one of the countries that have amazing opportunities for newcomers and business-oriented. To be honest, starting a business in Malaysia is a great idea and has numerous benefits.

If you live in Malaysia or you’ve been an expat here, it’s possible that you’ve fallen in love with the commercial opportunities this country offers.  

Malaysia Registration Of a Company

Why choose 3e Accounting?

Here are a few reasons why 3e Accounting is the best for handling registrations of companies in Malaysia.

  • Relevant experience

We are a reliable business as we have been in the industry for long. We know all the dos and don’ts for setting business and will guide you thoroughly throughout the process.

  • Live chat

Our service is available 24/7. You can use our live message service available on the website. Here, you can get answers to all your queries related to registering a company in Malaysia.

  • Cost-effective solutions

We understand the financial burden that a company suffers from. Therefore, we offer economical solutions tailored to your requirements. So, you don’t have to worry about the budget when you choose to contact us.

  • Free consultation

If you have any queries and wish to get some consultation, we are always there. Moreover, we offer free suggestions, so that’s a bonus. You can contact us and then decide if you want to use our services or not.

  • Is it an easy process?

Everything worth having doesn’t come to you easily. The same rule applies to registering a company in Malaysia. It’s not impossible to get your company set up here, but the road to success is quite tough. However, 3e Accounting shall make the process easier for you.

Steps to keep in mind

When planning to set up a business in a growing place like Malaysia, there are several points that you need to watch out for.

Have a look at these:

  • Workout the plan

Whatever business plan you have in mind, make sure it’s workable and will benefit you in the long run. Have a kickass plan that won’t be rejected at any cost. For this, you must have a clear objective, some directions about how you’ll proceed with the plan and other stuff.

  • Decide the time duration

Another thing that counts as an important decision is the time plan. Whether you are looking for a long term or short term plan. What’s the duration that you’ll offer for building the business? To be precise, short term plans are for a year or maybe two. Whereas a long-term plan means you’ll invest five to six or more years in the plan.

  • Market research

Something that you should never miss out is to research the market. There are so many companies running in Malaysia, so you need to find the details about the competitors and devise a plan that’s better than them. The key to a successful business is to come up with a unique idea and sell your services so that people might be interested in getting something extraordinary.

  • Know your target audience

Every business has a different approach. Make sure you understand who you are trying to attract. The target audience has a great impact on the success of a business. So, gather all the facts so that the business doesn’t face any troubles after the launch.

  • Budget requirements

Registering a company in Malaysia requires a handsome cash package. So, keep that in mind too. Know the requirements beforehand so that there are no issues during the registration process. Having a financial backup for the future is also essential.

Remember to follow all these points if you want to go through a smooth registration process.


We hope you know all the pointers required for registering a business or a company in Malaysia. 3e Accounting will be your partner throughout the registration process and will offer you the best services.

Trust us and grow your business in Malaysia.