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Making Your Own Coin: 5 Tips to Creating Your Own Challenge Coin

Looking towards a new fashion trend to rock this summer, don't miss out on making your own coin. Challenge coins can be fashionable, here are some tips:

Making Your Own Coin: 5 Tips to Creating Your Own Challenge Coin

Challenge coins started in the military but have evolved to represent so much more. At its core, it's physical proof of a particular achievement or accomplishment. It serves as a wonderful reminder of what you have been able to achieve.

Are you thinking of making your own coin but don't know how? It's easy! Make sure to follow these five design tips and you'll be ready to hand out your newly created challenge coin.

What Is a Challenge Coin?

First, you'll want to make sure your challenge coin has a great design. But first, you might be wondering, "What is a challenge coin?" That link should tell you most of what you need to know.

In short, a challenge coin is a small, metal coin with a unique design. These coins have a long history of use in the military and for first responders. They can signify a special event, achievement, or anniversary.

1. Pick a Great Design

When you're making your own coin, the design has to represent the coin's purpose. If it's for some sort of organization or corporation, you'll want the proper logo on the coin. Suicide prevention coins incorporate a yellow or white ribbon in the design.

Think of if you want it to be standard or unique. For example, they don't always have to be round! And while 1.75" or 2" are the standard diameter sizes, you are free to choose whatever size you want.

2. Choose the Right Metal

Next, you'll want to make sure your coin is made of the correct metal. While they're customarily made of brass, you can choose from several types of metals. Consider something like silver or gold for coins for special occasions.

You can also choose to raise and recess different areas of the metal. This can help emphasize aspects of your design.

3. Choose the Right Plating

Many people choose to create a coin with a cheaper base metal, like brass, and then plate it with something more expensive. There are many choices for your challenge coin finish. 

For something fancy, choose silver or gold. You can also choose antique bronze or sandblasted nickel for a unique touch. These antique options also help 3D designs stand out better than shiny plating choices.

4. Pick Your Enamel Finishing

Your enamel finish is a paint to illustrate your design and can be any color that comes to mind. You can also choose a type of enamel, as it comes in hard or soft varieties.

While there are pros and cons to each, hard enamel is most common. It offers your coin a smoother look.

5. Use Great Edging

Finally, while it may surprise you, the edge design is very important. If you have a fancy coin, get a diamond cut edge. But while it looks amazing, it can detract from your design.

You can also choose a flat edge or a rope-cut edge. These are better for coins where you want your design to be the main star.

Making Your Own Coin: It's Easy!

Now you know the basics of making your own coin. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start designing your challenge coin today!

While at it, don't forget to keep reading our blog for more tips.