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Making Your Garden More Manly

What better place to feel like a man than in the great outdoors? The fresh air, the wild beasts, the danger, it's definitely the type of surroundings you feel good in.

Unfortunately, not every guy has the time or money to book a trip to the Amazon forest. But there is another way of bringing the great outdoors a little closer to home.

In fact, it's as close as the garden.

There are several things you can do and implement, which will create a more manly atmosphere in the garden.

You just need a little imagination, and your wife's permission, then nothing should be stopping you from seeing your garden in a whole new light.

Break Out The Barbeque

This is the best place to start because that's how men establish their territory.

They pull out some steaks and let them sizzle on the barbeque while arguing about the game or rising gas prices.

Plus, it's the perfect excuse to call the guys over and spend more time in the "outdoors". Here are some cool bbqs.

Shed Equals Man Cave

How many guys don't dream of having his own man cave? But space and life partners don't always agree with the coolness of a cave.

The good news is you can still have your man cave, and you do it by building a shed in the garden. This way you'll have enough space, and you won't be inside the house where you can bother anybody.

Just think of all the time you are most likely to spend there, doing whatever you feel like and not caring about the mud getting stepped inside.

Introduce Your Garden To Technology

Guys are suckers for gadgets and apps, so why not introduce them to your manly garden experience? For example, you probably hate mowing the lawn.

The answer is a Flymo, which can do it automatically. This means more time for you to implement other technological features, like solar lights and stuff like that.

Even a cool water fountain can help – see these ones from Outdoor Fountain Pros

You know you love technology, and you know you would make your garden talk if you could.

But falling short of having actual conversations with the plants, let technology make your garden chores easier while turning up the manliness level.

Have Some Sporting Tournaments

If the garden is big enough, you can start hosting tiny sporting tournaments. Call up your buds, choose a sport and get some teams together, then turn your garden into your personal playing field.

And what a way to support all the other manly things on the list?

It doesn't really what sport you choose, as long as it happens in the garden, in front of your man cave, your automatic lawn mower, and the barbeque grilling away.

Although, one of the sports that are very popular for gardens is basketball, which will work nicely if you have a smaller space.

All you do is mount a hoop to the wall or a pole and let the games begin.


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