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Make your Halloween Special with Special Effect Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween is here folks, well almost. But that is not the issue right now, we want to know if you are prepared to rock your Halloween this October 31st? Halloween is no fun if you can't get the most terrifying or the most jaw dropping look. And what better way to do it then with the help of Halloween contact lenses?

Halloween is by far one of the most important night for horror events and crazy party dressers, it is the perfect time to go crazy and party. It doesn't get any crazier than Halloween, it won't be wrong to say, the crazier you dress the better it is for Halloween. But to really make that Halloween costume talk you need the help of a certain Halloween contact lenses.

Halloween presents the only time of the year where you can actually show off your favourite Halloween contact lenses and dress up as your favourite TV character. It doesn't matter if it is a horror figure or a superhero, make sure you are having fun. Below we are going to mention some of the best Halloween costume ideas which you can bring to life with Halloween eye contacts.:

  • Wild Beast – now we know, this may sound a bit ordinary, but believe me if you put a pair of Sclera Halloween contact lenses you would look something out of a horror story. Imagine complete red eyes with nothing else, just your terrifying fangs and the eyes which freezes the blood of those trying to look at you. 
  • The White Walkers – Game of Thrones is done and dusted in 2019 so why not pay one last homage to one of the greatest antagonist of this decade? The White walkers are down right scary. The secret ingredient to get your White Walker costume right are Halloween contact lenses, not the makeup. Make sure you are wearing those blind white or the Blind lightning or just the light blue Halloween lenses and you can realize the long night everyone is afraid of on Halloween.
  • Zombie, The Undead – Zombies may sound a bit old fashioned. But if you have those coveted Halloween contacts then you may have to think again. Make sure you get your as gory as possible and then make it talk with zombie Halloween lenses like the bloodshot Halloween contacts or the blind white contact lenses.

Here is a closer look at some of the craziest Halloween contact lenses which can give you a Halloween to remember. 


Zombie contact lenses are one of the most popular Halloween lenses in the market right now. With certain TV shows and movies making zombie costume more than relevant for Halloween. The craze for Walking Dead is not about to end anytime soon.

You may be seeing a whole lot of people in zombie costumes but you can take the edge with zombie inspired Halloween contact lenses. The eyes made horrifyingly scary will make the zombie costume come to life and you will become the center of attention. So why not get some zombie contact lenses and become the leader of the pack?


Dress up now as a monster from the depths of the dark forest, forbidden to for humans to tread into. A wild beast costume for Halloween is something not to be taken lightly, especially if you have those wild beast Halloween lenses like the Blind afterlife or the blind bloodshot Halloween lenses. Or maybe you could go all out with Red Sclera Halloween lenses and become the monster no one thought was real. Get ready for Halloween in the most spectacular fashion. 

All the amazing CRAZY Halloween CONTACT LENSES

Halloween contact lenses do not end here. There is a cascade of options available for you when it comes to choosing the right Halloween contact lenses. Below we are going to mention some of the most amazing Halloween lenses which can make your Halloween something to remember.

  • Xtreme Halloween Contact lenses: Halloween is no fun if you don't want to go to extreme lengths to look crazy. And what better way then xtreme Halloween contacts? In these lenses you will find all the necessary crazy Halloween contacts like the Hulk rage, Wolf eyes or the Devil contact lenses. These will allow you to go full extreme crazy for Halloween.
  • Sclera Halloween contacts: The great Sclera contact lenses are the best choice for going all out for Halloween. Have your eyes completely covered by Red or Black sclera lenses and give out a look that is totally out of this world.
  • UV contact lenses: These are glow in the dark Halloween lenses, if you are going into a Halloween party where it is going to be a dance party in the backlight then they are the lenses you need. Apart from the back light the only thing that is going to shine are your eyes. So make sure you have your Halloween artillery ready.