Make It Last: The Most Important Tips for Properly Caring for Your Silver Jewelry
May 25, 2020

Make It Last: The Most Important Tips for Properly Caring for Your Silver Jewelry

Make It Last: The Most Important Tips for Properly Caring for Your Silver Jewelry

To make your jewelry last longer and preserve its shine, you need to know how to care for it. Here's how to care for sterling silver jewelry.

If you have sterling silver jewelry or sterling silver tableware, you would probably agree that the silver looks best when it is shiny and clean. Learning how to care for sterling silver properly will keep your pieces from tarnishing and losing their shine.

Keep reading to learn our top tips on how to care for all of your sterling silver pieces.

1. Keep It Dry

You will want to keep your silver out of the water as much as possible to avoid it from looking dull or tarnishing. Water by itself does not damage silver instead it is the chemicals and contaminants found in the water.

When you are taking a shower it is best to remove your silver jewelry or when swimming in a pool. Chlorine is a harsh chemical for your silver so if you forget to take it off before diving in, rinse it well and clean it after your swim.

2. Know Your Sterling Silver Digits

Whether you have wholesale silver bracelets or rings, look for a small marking showing what the rating of your sterling silver piece is. The most common rating is .925, which is sturdier and does not need as much cleaning. If you notice a rating of .950 on your pieces then these require consistent polishing.

If your jewelry piece does not have a rating then you can check with your jeweler to see if it truly is sterling silver or not.

3. Storage

You want to have a proper place to store your silver. Air exposure can wreak havoc because it will tarnish your silver pieces. One of the worst things you can do is let it sit on your nightstand, leave it in your purse, or in an open jewelry chest.

The best way to store your pieces is in individual, air-tight bags with anti-tarnish properties. These bags will keep air exposure out and will keep the pieces shiny and intact.

Putting a few silica gel packets inside each bag will also provide extra anti-tarnish protection.

4. Polish

Silver is delicate and can easily get dirty. A fast rubdown will create wonders for your jewelry. Use long up-and-down strokes as you clean while you use different parts of the cloth.

Keep in mind that using circular motions will make the dirt or the tarnish worse. Stick to up-and-down strokes.

If your jewelry pieces have tight areas or areas with a lot of details, use a Q-tip. This will make it easy to reach every nook and cranny.

Now You Know How to Care for Sterling Silver

You now know our top tips for how to care for sterling silver jewelry. Following our tips above will make caring for your sterling silver easier. Our tips will also help prolong the beauty and longevity of your jewelry for years to come.

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