Fashion Trends for toddlers
August 18, 2020

Main Fashion Trends of 2020 Summer and Autumn for Toddlers

From an early age, kids strive to express themselves and their unique style of clothing is as important to them as to any adult. What should be toddler clothes in summer-autumn 2020? Without a doubt — comfortable and practical, safe, and beautiful. Today, we will tell you what new items will win the hearts of parents and replenish the toddler’s wardrobe in 2020.

The Main Trends of Toddler Fashion

The 2020 summer-autumn season will impress everyone with its versatility. It originally combines a sport style, casual street notes, and, of course, classics. Among the main trends are camouflage clothing, which is present almost everywhere, including baby boy clothes by The Trendy Toddlers. Military color is well combined with bright colors and various prints or national symbols.

Dark and deep green, burgundy, blue, and ruby ​​shades of velvet will be in demand this autumn. Various floral prints, lettering logos, emoji, and cartoon characters are used in toddlers’ clothing in unison with adult models.

Leather clothing for autumn wardrobe, cotton and denim items have shown themselves in the majority of all leading collections. Finally, creative models of family fashion clothes for sisters, brothers, kids, and parents became the main trend of this new season.

Mid-Season Shopping: What to Buy?

It is well-known that mid-season shopping brings lots of sales and promotions. If you want to purchase toddler’s clothes at a good discount, it is worth buying it during the sales. We recommend you to focus on the following items:

1) Long-sleeves

A variety of long-sleeved T-shirts have become simply irreplaceable for every toddler’s wardrobe. Bright colors, famous logos, prints, embroideries, images of various characters will perfectly fit your little beauty. Long sleeves are appropriate in everyday outfits, perfectly complement sportswear and, thanks to the variety of decor, look great with shorts or skirts. 

2) Jeans

What kid doesn’t have denim pants in his\her wardrobe? Summer-autumn offers with a high waist or skinny models for girls and classic pants supplemented with suspenders for boys are must-haves of this season. Select the red, green, mustard, black or classic blue color and your kid will always look great.

3) Shorts

Such type of clothing is a very popular wardrobe item for toddlers. Shorts are worn with shirts or T-shirts. Spacious and loose options are acceptable for chubby kids, while slim guys are more beautiful in skinny models. Such clothes are very comfortable and popular in everyday life and can be a great addition to your toddler’s wardrobe.

In Conclusion

Trendy novelties for children in the summer-autumn season of 2020 are presented with bright and beautiful ideas because the designers tried to take into account all the wishes and please both parents and the most important critics — kids. This season, every little fashionista will definitely find an outfit that suits his or her taste, while mid-season sales will help parents to save on their purchases.