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Know More About YFTK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Style RTA

If you are into vaping, we know calm, peace, and taking away the stress is one of your goals. For that, you need to be able to choose a device like RTA or the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer from a trustworthy brand like YTFK Phenomenon.

Vaping through this Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is quite successful for everyone—be it a chain-smoke or occasional one. Using these RTA devices, you will know much nicotine you want to control in the liquid form.

The fun and passion, associated with vaping, will always be at your beck and call. But what’s so great about YFTK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Style RTA 22mm 4ml is what we will be focusing on below.

Follow us along, and you will know if this RTA device is the best choice to make or not.

Know More About YFTK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Style RTA









  • Durability

Most of the issues with RTAs are usually concerned with durability. However, this YTFK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Style RTA will be your ideal decision to make. Your vaping session will not be interrupted with any unwanted breakage as it is made up of 316 stainless steel.

Therefore, you wouldn’t need to depend on other RTAs once you have it in your stock, at least for months.

  • 4ml Capacity

To fill up the tank with an ample amount of nicotine or other liquid that you wish to smoke earns brownie points for this RTA. Either it is only once, or you can take a break in between different vaping session, whenever you are distressed or bored, this tank will not vanish away that easily.

At the same time, you can watch over the nicotine intake. This is made possible because you can gauge the capacity that has you used or the fill that is still left.

Know More About YFTK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Style RTA


  • Easy To Assemble Or Disassemble

One of the perks of using this particular Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is that it’s pretty easy to use and disembark. In other words, it has only a single-coil and dual posts. These accoutrements attached can be attached to the tank quite effortlessly.

Within minutes you will have your favourite Rebuildable Tank Atomizer ready, even when you are in a rush for a quick smoke. Similarly, you can easily unscrew it back and store it in the small pouch for later use.

  • Impactful Airflow System

Nobody wants to have a heavy vape cloud, especially when they want to better distressing draws of the fuel from the wick. Hence, with 3 holes on either side of this device, a smoker like you can feel the ease of smoke.

What exactly happens is that with the 3 holes on either side, external flow can easily flow in and out to blend with the vape cloud. This, in return, helps to tone down the harsher effect of these clouds.

In the end, you will be smoke better, larger, and calmer draws in. In fact, when the vape cloud is calmer and cooler, it will not remind you of tobacco again, if you are already trying to avoid it.

Your majority of the focus will only be on the amazing taste of the burning wick and the draws that you pull and out. In fact, with more air allowed in this device, you can crave less for the taste if you were earlier dependent on it.

Other than that, heavy airflow, like in this device, helps in the prevention of any kind of debris that can possibly be stuck between the air pressure of the tank and coils.

  • The Tank Is Semi-Transparent

Our store, Vapeciga, focuses on delivering you’re the smoking devices that are genuine, reliable, and help you out smoking addiction.

With that in the manufacturer’s mind, this Rebuildable Tank device is half-transparent from the middle section, where the tank will be located or attached between the chimney and the coil.

Honestly, this semi-transparent tank alerts you in the matters of the fuel that’s left inside. You will know from where you started smoking and how much have you had in one or more draws at the same time.

Over a period, if you are trying to reduce the addiction of tobacco, this Rebuildable Tank Atomizer can help you know how to control the urge to smoke it in large quantities.

If you think you taken a lot of wink at once, you will know that you need a break. And from time-to-time, you can know if your habit of drawing in a lot of clouds at once is improving or not.

Other than that, you will know when the tank needs to get refiled. If the tank is not transparent, it is difficult to estimate and then arrange the wick to burn or any e-juice, that you wish to smoke, on the spot.

Hence, once you know beforehand about the quantity that is left, you can arrange the smoking routine as per that till you fill the tank again.

  • Pretty Affordable Device

In comparison to the RDAs, this RTA is quite buyable and affordable, falling under the range of $22-27. So, if you are running short of cash and you still the calm you have always wanted, this Rebuildable Tank Atomizer from YFTK is a must-have.

  • 22mm Diameter Is A Definite Choice

If you are a newcomer in case of vaping, or when you are on the move, this kind of diameter is pretty suitable. In fact, this diameter matches the single-coil design, a win-win situation for newbies who are still learning how to smoke-up and feel the relaxation seep in.

Or else, if you are already too preoccupied, and do not want to tussle with the heavy clouds or disturbing flavour, this diameter helps to maintain a good coil around the deck for a mindless session of vaping.

Know More About YFTK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Style RTA


We hope that you have gone through each description and benefit of owning this smart Rebuildable Tank Atomizer device.

Our own verdict for this device is that it is affordable, manageable, durable, and definitely for anyone and everyone—be it the super busy businessman or the newbie who just wants to calm the nerves down.