Is Vape a New Style Accessory?
September 19, 2019

Is Vape a New Style Accessory?

For many years, smoking was considered a habit of powerful, wealthy people. That’s because movies depicted desirable, seductive men and women lighting up traditional cigarettes.

You’ve probably seen high-powered men light up cigars in movies and gorgeous women smoke traditional cigarettes. Even magazines and adverts depicted smoking as something cool some time back.

Essentially, smoking was seen as a symbol of desirability, edginess, and fashion for a long time. But, the appearance of electronic cigarettes changed this perception.

Many people have since ditched traditional cigarettes smoking and switched to vaping. Vaping is the big thing now. And there are many vape brands in the current market for vapers to choose from. 

Vape as a Fashion Accessory

Any product with a thought-out, beautiful design grabs the attention of the players in the fashion industry. Today, many vape mods ( match this description. People in the fashion industry appreciate the functionality and aesthetics of these devices.

Vapes that look sleek, modern and cutting edge are, therefore, considered style accessories in the fashion industry. A modern vape is a perfect style accessory because it has a small, compact size. A person can hold this device and phone in one hand.

Celebrities are making headlines for being spotted with modern vapes. For instance, The Guardian featured a news story of Leonardo DiCaprio in 2016. This was after the American Lung Association scolded him for showing up at the Screen Actors Guild awards vaping. People discussed the star for using a vape more than the award he received.

Sienna Miller was spotted with a vape at the Golden Globes. Katy Perry also appeared at the Golden Globe with a vaping device in 2016. Most fans copy what their favorite celebrities do because they consider them their style icons. As such, a vast majority of them have turned to vapes as style accessories. It’s not surprising that vaping became trendy after these celebrities were spotted with vapes.

Over the recent years, many singers, actors, and other celebrities that fans see as their style icons have been spotted rocking the best vape mods. These include Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, and Jack Black. These have made people see vape as a new style accessory.

Combing Vaping and Fashion

It’s no secret that the vaping culture offers more than a smoking experience. Vapers are now showing their styles and devotion by wearing vape outfits. Vape clothing has brought a new, urban fashion wave. This resembles a street-wear trend whose popularity is increasing by the day.

The 2000s street-wear is making a comeback in the fashion industry. Fashionistas across the world are dressing up in t-shirts, baseball caps, and hoodies among other garments in this category. Long-sleeve, oversized hoodies were the hottest thing in Paris streets during the 2017 Fashion Week.

It’s not surprising to spot somebody accessorizing their street-wear with the best vape mod.  Some people are following up on the street-wear trend by purchasing vape wear. Perhaps, that’s because vape wear is cheaper than some street-wear brands.

In the 1990s, supermodels like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Cindy Crawford appeared in most of their photos with traditional cigarettes. This was considered glamorous. With the current trend of combing vaping and fashion, it won’t be surprising to see future supermodels with impressive vaping devices.

Cool Designs

The cool designs of modern vapes make them perfect style accessories in the fashion world. Vape manufacturers are hooking up with high-end designers to come up with devices that combine style and functionality. These experts are giving modern vapes more than a sophisticated appearance.

What’s more, manufacturers have come up with different designs to suit the needs of vapers and collectors. You can find vapes made of resin, marble, wood, or stabilized wood in the current market. Some even feature fancy paintings, while others have rhinestones’ encrusting.

Design is a major reason why a vape mod can be considered a style accessory by most fashionistas. For instance, fans talked about Olivia Alexander’s style for weeks after she posted a photo on her Instagram with a vaporizer she had embellished herself.

This photo caused a stir that prompted her to start her current business. This business specializes in the production of fashion-forward cannabis vaporizers, eyewear, and accessories.

Making a Statement with a Vape is Easy

The current market has vapes in different colors and shapes. This makes it easy for vapers and fashion lovers to find devices that match their outfits.

If you are a fashion-forward, elegant person, you can go for a vape pen or a vape pod. But, if sports are not your thing, you can settle for a brightly colored box mod vape or vaping pen.

It’s not surprising that most vapers buy multiple devices to ensure that they have a vape for each outfit type. Vape is an important fashion accessory for such people.

Vape is Modern

Fashion is largely about what’s trendy for some people. Vaping is currently trendy and, therefore, fashionable for such people.

Additionally, millennials love electronic devices. The young people of today are always looking for the latest tablet, smartphone, or any other electric device. They want to stay updated on the latest electronic devices.

High-tech individuals are considered fashionable and modern. For most millennials, being modern is about having desirable accessories like the best vaping devices.

The young generation sees people that inhale vape juices and puff a mysterious vapor out as trendy and fashionable. What’s more, vaping is considered cool and modern even by mature people. That’s why some people are switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping in their 40s.

The Bottom Line

The BBC reports that the popularity of vaping is increasing with research showing that an estimated 55 million people will be vaping by 2021. This indicates that more people are discovering vaping and this is leading to steady industry growth by the day.

Some people are switching to vaping as a way to quit smoking while others are using vapes as style accessories. Celebrities are also prompting their fans to use vapes because they see them as their style icons. As vaping popularity grows, vapes will most likely become style accessories that will be spread across the world.