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Is It Worth to Set Up a Company in the UAE?

The UAE is known all around the world for its rapid economic growth. It was included in the list of 30 best countries for company formation. It is not surprising that large international companies often move their offices to this country.

Benefits of Moving a Business to the UAE

Companies choose the UAE for their business activities because this country has a lot to offer in terms of policy and economy. For example:

  • The UAE has a stable political situation, so you don’t have to worry about armed conflicts that can harm your business;
  • Developed infrastructure – both internal and external routes allowing you to operate freely inside and outside the country;
  • Favourable tax regulations – providing tax exemption to avoid double taxation;
  • A simple process of acquiring a residency visa and tax certificate.

As you can see, the country has many economic advantages for doing business there. However, don’t forget that the UAE is a federation of seven emirates, and each has its own policies and regulations.

Plus, there are several free economic zones and many free trade zones, the most popular of which are Dubai and Ajman.

Get Help from a Local Consultant!

You may need a local consultant to help you build a successful business, for example, in Ajman UAE. A consulting company offers the following assistance:

  • studies conditions for creating a business in your preferred emirate or free zone;
  • helps you choose the right company type, as various types of activities require certain types of licenses;
  • prepares documents for obtaining a license (commercial, industrial or service one);
  • facilitates a process of acquiring a resident visa and tax certificate;
  • helps you find a sponsor if you decide to set up a local company, etc.

Feel free to contact your local advisor right away, and you will have your documents ready in just one day!