ION V2 Style MTL RTA + Nano Tank
November 29, 2019

ION V2 Style MTL RTA + Nano Tank

ION V2 Style MTL RTA + Nano Tank

As the world has come across a series of changes and developmental steps. Due to the revolution in technology and sciences people have also changed themselves according to the situation.

Everyone is growing physically and mentally also hence preferences have changed. The old generation adopted the previous ways which were traditional and typical ones. But now advancement in every field has changed the thought of this era.

Everybody wants to buy perfect things at a less price or affordable. By considering this point Vapeciga a company name in the vaping industry has introduced a chic and attractive product that will surely make you feel happy and free. ION V2 Style MTL RTA + Nano Tank is the uprising featured product in the vaping market, that will finish your search for the best vaping material.

ION V2 Style MTL RTA + Nano Tank

This product has made a level next to the other products of the vaping industry. The vape lovers better know the need and fun of vaping. It is the coolest way to relax from the harsh and stressed routine of life.

You can enjoy the smooth and light but tasty and juicy vapors whenever you want. This will be enough to calm down your burning desires of vaping.

Basic parts of Kit includes:

  • A stainless steel body made up of 316 stainless steel, which is highly durable and stunningly designed.
  • The tank with a diameter of 23mm which has the capacity to add 4ml e-liquid so that you can enjoy a long-lasting tasty effect of vapors.
  • It has four different airflow holes to provide a compact airflow system that maintain check and balance between the intake of air and vape production.
  • The drip tip is extended that strengthen and smoothen the way of vaping. Then the vapors formed are more concentrated in taste. As the way of vapor from the coil to mouth lengthens and taste develops more efficiently.
  • The structure of this product can easily be cleaned as it is detachable and rebuildable. You can easily open it refill the juice and clean the apparatus to enjoy long and flavorsome vapors.
  • It is an RTA which means a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. It is a tank system. Tanks come with their coils and it completes your demand of using a flavor for long. The e-juice keeps moving in it. As it is the better and beneficial option than RDAS the rebuildable dripping atomizers. This tank stores extra juice.
  • The coil used in this product has the quality to last for 13 days or more depending upon your capacity to use it.
  • It has a 2 posts simple design that adds to the feasibility of the ION V2.
  • It is specially designed in such a way that the user can get benefits and tastes of two different vaping techniques within one product. It can be switched between MTL and DTL techniques.

MTL technique: It is mouth to lung technique. Here the vapors produced by the vaping material stay for a while in then sent to the lungs. In step one inhaling the vapors make your mouth fresh and then in the second step this fresh and juicy blast of air enters the lungs.

ION V2 Style MTL RTA + Nano Tank

DTL technique: This is a direct way to send the vapors to the lungs. DTL stands for direct to lung terminology. It means that the air will not stay in the mouth and the flavors air blast directly enters the lungs.

Previously if users wanted to use these techniques they bought two different products. But now the vape market has broadened up their business and introduced new and surprisingly reasonable methods to vape up. You can change the mode to MTL from DTL or if you are in the mood to vape with the mouth than mode can be changed from DTL to MTL.

The impact-resistant quality makes it more robust and comfortable to use.

Airflow systems:

The different hole systems in this magic booster have an important and fascinating function to control the formation of the vapor. Different holes allow different amounts of air to enter the vaping machine and hence the flow is controlled to managed the best balance of this equipment. The air is inhaled from the bottom and sides too which are considered to control the flow and formation of products.

Coils in RTA; The coils last for a long time depending upon their use. For the beginners, one coil can last for more than 3 weeks as they use a small amount hence coil remains intact for a long time. But for the experienced ones who are compassionate for the vaping they need to change their coil after a period of time to enjoy the consistent flavor of the juice.

This product is manufactured for your comfort and ease. It is available in the vape market within a very reasonable range. A handsome packing in less amount is the only thing that we want in this expensive world.


This product will make you feel special and calm even in case of pressure and boredom. In the world of vape it is sensational and the eye-catching product that will make you dearer in your circle.

This elegant and decent invention by or company has created a great disturbance in the vape market as everyone looks for this significant and tasteful creation.

This new arrival is the source of fun and delight. You can develop smooth flavour and denser vapours by using it. Don’t scroll for others and get the best taste of this featured stock.

Final words

The youth demands freedom and relaxation so that they can enjoy their lives. They want to feel every moment and move like a hero in society. This charm, elegance, and standard determining ways have also changed. The vaping lovers and the smoke creators have set their levels to show their reputation and personality. This dedication and love to vape have compelled us making products according to your demands.