Important Things to Know When Renting Mobile Phones
January 28, 2020

Important Things to Know When Renting Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are now an essential part of people’s everyday activities. It does not just make communication with loved ones easy, but it also helps simplify complicated tasks.

When unforeseen circumstances happen to these phones, some may feel that their word will fall apart. When you’re travelling abroad, or your phone suddenly dies on you, you now have an option to rent one as a backup.

Today, renting has become a popular trend worldwide, and you will be delighted to know that you can rent mobile phone to replace the one you lost or broke. Just like any other thing for lease, there are essential things that you should know when renting mobile phones.

Rent a Mobile Phone That Should Suit Your Needs

The first thing you should do when renting a phone is to decide on what type of phone do you need and what you need it for. Check the brand, the specs, the memory, and all other important mobile phone specs.

Here is some critical information that you should know about when renting a mobile phone:

Gadget History

How old is the mobile phone?

Do not lease outdated phones because it might not be able to function well. Some mobile phone applications do not work on old phones. It’s always better to lease a phone that is less than a year old.

How many times has the phone been out for rent?

If the phone is often leased, there may be issues with the performance since it’s always out for use. Since the mobile phone is for rent, you might not know if the previous renters made an effort to avoid incurring damages to the phone.

Are there any physical damages to the phone?

Ask the store personnel if these physical damages may affect phone performance. Document the condition of the mobile phone so that you’re not held liable for all the existing damage.

What’s the duration of the lease?

There are many reasons why people would choose to rent a mobile phone. Whatever the reason is, it’s vital to know the duration of your lease.

For example, if your phone is due for repair, ask the service centre how long would it take them to finish the repair. With that information, you will be able to estimate the duration of your mobile phone lease.

What’s the retailer’s exchange policy like?

It can happen that some of the performance issues on the mobile phone only arise once you have signed the contract or once you have gotten home. Be sure to ask the retailer about their return and exchange policy before finalizing the lease.

Ask for a contract

Before you sign your agreement, it’s suggested to read it and make sure it covers all the issues and the contract amendments you discussed. Also, it will be logical to include all the physical damages you have seen on the phone.

If possible, enumerate them all or take a picture, print them out, and include it in the contract.

Remember to be as specific as possible when listing and describing the pre-existing damages. Ask questions if there are parts of the agreement that you do not understand.  

Renting gives people empowerment – people choose to rent because they are allowed to use a specific product without being burdened to buy them. In cases where you will not be able to use your phone, you have an option to rent.

In some cases where you’re deciding to upgrade your phone, and you want to try it out before you purchase it, you can rent the phone to have a feel of it before making a decision.

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