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How to Write a Love Letter - 6 Tips for Men

How to Write a Love Letter

Why Write Love Letters?

Everyone is used to flirting on social networks. However, writing a love letter will bring more personality to your message. It will also help you express your genuine feelings in an unusually cute way. You may ask yourself, ”Why do I need to scratch my head over these fancy love letters?” 

In fact, you need to do this, since your girlfriend or spouse will be much excited with all this sweet and cute stuff many men consider redundant. Writing a love letter is one of the time-proven ways to express your love and strengthen your relationship. If writing has always been a struggle for you, you can order a love message online or ask a professional essay writer to craft it. 

Why should you address an essay writing service, and how does it relate to letter writing? This option is way more beneficial for you if you plan to make a lovely gift with impeccably organized wording, and we will briefly cover this topic later. Now, read further to learn how to start a love letter if you want to make this special present on your own.

1. Necessary Preparations

When your sweetheart receives the love letter, she might reread it several times and show it to her friends. So, you have to come up with appropriate material. Using the A4 office paper is a terrible idea. You should also avoid notebook sheets, no matter whether they are lined or plain. Cotton paper is what you want for a love letter.

It is much more durable compared to wood paper. Cotton fibers retain their structure in the long run, which prevents them from tearing apart while folded hundreds of times. Besides, the cotton sheet will preserve ink for a much longer time. So, you should buy this kind of paper.

Also, you can decorate your letter with a wrap and a silk tape. You can use your loved one’s favorite colors for the cover and the tape or such classic combinations as cream & rose, cotton & crimson/ruby, etc. As for ink, black would be the best choice.

2. Think of What to Write

The purpose of a love letter is to make your darling feel loved and cherished. So, isolate yourself from distractions, be they workers shouting outside, or your dog trying to lick your feet. Think of your feelings in a quiet place. It is better to emphasize what qualities you love and appreciate in your woman, such as:

  • Her caring nature
  • Her wise pieces of advice
  • Her optimistic outlook
  • Her support and loyalty

Think of how she makes you feel. Take a piece of paper and note all the ideas. You can make a list of her positive qualities, for example. It will help you decide what to include in your letter.

3. Create a Love Letter Outline

Believe it or not, a love letter does not differ from other types of writing in terms of formatting and structuring. It has to be easy-to-read and logically structured to create the right impression. So, you have to follow a classic outline:

  • Introduction. You can start a greeting with something like, “to my lovely [name],” “my sweetest [name],” etc.
  • Body. Write about how much you love your woman, what makes her special, what makes you feel so good about her, etc. In this section, you have to avoid self-criticizm, mentioning other people, or sexualizing your sweetheart. The love letter is all about romanticism, not sex.
  • Conclusion. In this part, you need to summarize your deepest love and respect for your beloved one. You can finish your letter with a powerful closing line, such as “your love keeps me alive,” “you are the one who brings the essence to my life.”

4. Draft the Letter

Once you come up with the outline, you can start writing your letter draft in your notebook or MS Word. Using a word processing program is even better since you can make any changes in a flash.

Don’t think you will manage to write down the letter at the first try. You will likely make a couple of mistakes or notice some inappropriate expressions that seemed good to you when you started the draft. You might want to add or delete something. Therefore, write the entire letter in MS Word before transferring it to the paper.

5. Spend Time on Editing

How to Write a Love Letter

You have to edit your draft after finishing it. Unless you are in a hurry, start improving the love letter the next day after its completion. This will help you look at the draft from a new perspective and, therefore, elaborate on it and spot mistakes. Once you are sure that your letter is ready, you can write it down on the paper.

Also, you can address an academic writing service to edit your letter. Professional editors and proofreaders will polish it so that your sweetheart will be super excited.

6. Start Writing

After several editing rounds, your letter looks like a masterpiece that even Shakespeare will be jealous of. Now, you can write it on the cotton paper you bought previously. But before this, practice your calligraphy skills to make sure your penmanship is as good as your words of love. Once you finish your final draft, you can wrap it, tape it, and send it to your lady. You will impress her even more if you accompany your message with flowers or a gift.

But what should you do if you want to impress your woman with a love message, but you are too bad at expressing your feelings? You can find a letter writing company on the web. However, it will drain your purse since such companies charge $100+ per page usually.

Instead, you can type “write my essay online” and get to a writing service. It would be wise to address essay writing agencies due to lower prices and fast delivery. Besides, they charge from $10 per page, which is ten times cheaper compared to letter services.

In Conclusion

Writing a love letter is a great way to express your feelings since your lady will cherish this memorable moment. To make your message even more fascinating, you should describe your genuine feelings, follow an outline, and keep your letter error-free.

And if you put a nice-looking pendant or a pair of earrings into the envelope, your sweetheart’s eyes will glow with genuine happiness. However, if you struggle to express your ideas on paper, you can find writing services online to let the professionals craft a stunning letter for you.

How to Write a Love Letter