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How To Use the Science of Scent To Improve Your Style

Looking good is a great way to boost your mood and your confidence. It's essential to take time and develop your own personal style that expresses who you are. Once you have your look down, you can move on to fragrance. Getting your feet wet with cologne and aromatherapy may seem intimidating, so here are some easy tips on how you can use the science of scent to improve your style. 

Understand the Basics of Aromatherapy

Becoming a scent expert starts at home, which is why it's helpful to understand the basics of aromatherapy. Almost all fragrances come from nature, and when you interact with pure ingredients such as lavender, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus, they each have different benefits. From relaxation to fighting a cold, these intense aromas can make your home more stylish and healthy. Consider trying these combinations: 

  • Tea tree oil in the kitchen for combatting odor
  • Jasmine in the bedroom for heightening romance
  • Peppermint in the bathroom for more energy
  • Lavender near your pillow for better relaxation

Oil-based products are a great way to embrace natural ingredients for aromatherapy. The wide selection of Young Living Essential Oils preserves the therapeutic properties of plants such as peppermint and jasmine so that you can reap the benefits of these powerful tonics from nature.

Discover Your Skin's Scent Chemistry

With your fragrance game on point inside your living space, you can take your understanding of scent science to the next level by discovering your skin's chemistry. If you've ever noticed that your friend's favorite cologne smells terrible on you, you're not alone. Similar to how your skin reacts differently to various skin care products such as face wash and moisturizer, your skin will also change what a fragrance smells like.

Your skin type, hormones, and diet can all impact the way a product smells after it leaves the bottle. If you have dry skin, you might notice that light fragrances with floral or aquatic components don't have much staying power when you use them. If you tend to be more oily, you might have trouble wearing bold and intense fragrances because oils on the skin can enhance the ingredients in cologne. 

The solution to this issue is to try before you buy. Many colognes come in tester sizes so that you can experience the performance and development of the scent throughout the day. If you need to, visit the fragrance department of your favorite store and spray a small amount of cologne before you continue shopping. Let the fragrance sit on your skin for some time before you commit. You can also research online to see how various colognes react to different skin types. 

Match Your Cologne to the Season

Another important thing to note about using cologne is that many men perfumes and fragrances work best in specific types of weather, which is why your collection should include a few different options based on the seasons. Depending on where you live, you'll want to invest in colognes that pair well with the weather you experience throughout the year.

Woody, spicy, and warm colognes perform well in mild to cold weather. These types of fragrances are perfect for autumn and winter. Fresh colognes with elements of citrus and herbs are great for spring. In the summer, you might want something extra light with aquatic and green scent notes.

Layer Fragrances for a New Experience

If you want to prove that you're an expert when it comes to the science of scent, experiment with layering your favorite fragrances to create new and exciting experiences. Once you start building a cologne library, you can practice layering different fragrances with other products such as body lotion, aftershave, and essential oils. You can even combine two different colognes if you feel like something is missing in each one. 

Layering fragrances is a great way to develop a signature scent. Whether you want to wear a deep oud fragrance over a vanilla body lotion or you want to add a touch of powdery lavender to your spring and summer fresh scent, or with floral perfumes layering can unlock your creativity and give you an edge when it comes to smelling amazing. 

Now that you know some of the science behind why things smell good, you can begin to express yourself not only through your clothes but through your cologne as well.