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How To Use Telescopic Fishing Rods

The use of telescopic fishing rods is determined by the type of the rod you are using such as spinning or fly casting rod. There is no big difference between the standard pole and the telescopic fishing rods only that they easily collapse when storing and transporting them.

Long telescopic fishing rod, about 17ft with a floating rod will enable increases the fishing diameter. It also increases your fishing control, especially when targeting large fishes habiting deed and weedy waters. You can also contact the fishing charter companies such as Povertysucksfishing to know the tricks of catching the fish. You also be able to fish in far river banks or canals just with 2 waggles. Extra float control is possible such as holding the rod line firmly in a windy condition.

You will have to assemble poles before using them, unlike the other standard. They are easy to lock and assemble before and after using thus saving your time. Disassembling and loading the telescopic fishing rods is further simple and easy when loading into your car after you have finished your fishing.

The best telescopic fishing rod can be easily carried to many places you are fishing thus enabling you to increased your chances of increasing your catch. Poles are easily stored in the trunk of your car. They are easy to fit in most portable bags.No large storage space is required thus even to those with limited storage area.

Most of the telescopic fishing rods comprise several sections of collapsible rods that mean lies on one another. They are made of durable material that is of relatively the same telescopic effect.

A special eye tip adds the strength of the rod ends so that even at full extension which in turn increases your catch. 

Casting and reeling are simple since the telescopic fishing rods can easily collapse down on each other and unfold to about 13 inches thus increasing the catch area. Its equally easy to put on a quality reel like Avet reels on telescoping rods.

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