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How to use Images Search Process to Find Stock Photos?

It is not that easy to find original stock photos on the internet. Why do you need to find original photos? One of the reasons is to get your hands on quality images. If you compare the quality of original images with the ones that have been uploaded illegitimately, there is a big difference between the two.

If you have a look at the quality of an image extracted from the original source, it is far better than a third party website. Other than that, when an image is downloaded from the original online source, the image owner gets credit for the hard work and effort put in.

Image plagiarism is a serious issue for both creators and users. When you are searching for images online, ensure that the source is original.

Image Plagiarism – how does it happen

A high percentage of owners do not have any idea of what image plagiarism is. It is not an easy process to create images which actually inspire. Designers, image experts and concept creators work day in and day out to come up with attractive snapshots.

However, protecting these images becomes almost impossible after the uploading process is completed. Illegitimate websites use these images without any permission and reuse them. This is actually damaging for owners in a lot of ways.

  • An image which you have created may be uploaded on a scam website. This would harm your reputation as you are the actual creator. It is obvious that when you would lose your credibility, the traffic on the actual image source would decrease as well.
  • Your hard work would go to waste because the image would appear on several websites. Hence, users would not bother to get to the original source and download the image. Users who search for images on the internet have a simple approach and that is to find their desired snapshots in the smallest possible time span. They would not bother to locate the actual source and then download the image.
  • As an image creator, you would not get any credit for the continuous hard work put in. This is obviously unfair and the only way to deal with this problem is combat image plagiarism in a complete way.

Reverse image search is the solution to image plagiarism

Image plagiarism is a proper problem and one cannot ignore it in any manner. Users who wish to get to the original stock photos can use it to meet their needs.

Image owners can also extract benefit from it and protect the snapshots created by using state of the art skills. The best thing is the process involved is quite simple. You need to execute few short steps and the original source of the image would be determined.

To perform reverse image search, you have to get hold of a quality tool that drills out all the websites on which it has been uploaded. Here is how you can use one of these technological applications.

  • The stage of uploading the image

When it comes to uploading the image, you can use two easy ways to complete the step. Uploading as a file is one of the alternatives. If the image is stored in the hard drive repository of your tablet or computer, upload it by searching as a file.

However, if the image has already been uploaded on a website, simply providing the URL would be sufficient. This is the second alternative for uploading the image. Click the “search images” button. In this way, all the websites and online sources on which the image is present are shown on the screen.

Checking the links produced as outputs

Users do not have to do anything apart from uploading the image. When you click the “search images” button, you would see a list of websites. These are the domains on which the image has been uploaded. Image owners can check this list and see whether an image they created has been uploaded on third party websites or not.

If you see that an image has been uploaded on websites apart from your own domain, it simply means that there are traces of image plagiarism. This is when you should use the copy right conditions. However, reverse image search is important to determine whether an image you own has been uploaded by any third party website or not.

Reverse image search tools have a simple UI

Users are encouraged to use the reverse image search tool because they do not struggle with the features. If you are using a tool with complicated options, you would not be positive about using it. These tools work well for information technology professionals and not standard users.

  • To use this tool, the only step which users have to complete is image uploading. However, you can expect optimum image search tools only if a quality tool is being used. Some tools do not display all links related to the image. Hence, the purpose of using a reverse image search tool actually fails in this case. A quality tool like Prepostseo should display all the links on which instances of the image are present.
  • Users do not use a tool for the purpose of learning it completely. Their only goal is to use it for the desired output. For instance, in case of the reverse image search tool, an image owner would only be concerned about checking whether a picture he owns has been illegitimately uploaded or not. Hence using an easy tool is the biggest preference for users.


It is a problematic situation for image owners when they create a high standard snapshot it gets stolen. Image plagiarism is a major problem for image creators. The best way to deal with this problem is reverse image search.

By using a high-quality tool, you can check the original source of the image. From the perspective of image searchers, this is a helpful feature. Similarly, image owners can see whether their copyrighted pictures are being misused or not.