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How to Turn Online Communication Into a Serious Relationship

Turn Online Communication Into a Serious Relationship

Online dating is much more than just a virtual excursion. It is an opportunity to connect with someone that could be your potential partner. What most people don't know is that these relationships can turn into serious romance. If you know how to communicate with your partner, then you might have a lot more success.

When does dating turn into a relationship?

Online dating has become a popular way to get new acquaintances, even for teens since a teen dating app is frequently found on their smartphones. There is also a chance that online dating can grow into a strong partnership. Many couples that met on a dating site, and now are in happy relations, successfully married, and have common children. This all depends on how you take things in stride, and if you maintain your healthy, balanced attitude.

Date for a few months, and then decide if your meetings have a chance to develop into something more. This way, you won't be surprised and disappointed if it doesn't work out.

The principles of developing a strong relationship are the same, regardless of whether you've met on a dating site or your mom has introduced you to her friend’s son or daughter. Communicate with your partner, be open and honest about your feelings and thoughts.

Online dating: pros and cons

Let’s consider the pros and cons of serious online dating, and how it influences building relationships.

1. No awkward silence

When you first meet a new person, you may feel awkward, and don’t know how to behave, and what to say. Your mimics and appearance may show your nervousness, making you both feel even more awkward.

When you chat on a dating site, you both relax in the comfortable environment of your home. You have a possibility to take a pause and to think over your reply to your partner’s message. That definitely suits your communication process.

2. A lot of potential partners

On one hand, online dating sites allow you to meet people that you wouldn’t meet in a bar or at a party with your friends. On the other hand, with plenty of potential partners, your attention can be distracted. Communicating with many girls or guys, you may have difficulties knowing each one on a personal level.

In this case, we recommend limiting the number of current conversations to 3 people at most. If you feel that it’s not your person, don’t hesitate to finish the conversation. Feeling interested in this particular partner, increases the time you spend chatting with them. Try to know this person better.

3. More rejections

This is a direct consequence of the previous point. The more partners you have, the more rejections you will make and receive, and it can be disappointing. Here, it’s important not to take each rejection personally. Remember, that now you are closer to finding the one.

4. Saving time

Meeting a lot of new people IRL can be time-consuming and emotionally difficult. Using a dating site, you can chat with several people, and invite on a real-life date the one that appeals to you most. That will help you to save your time and emotions to know this person better.

5. Lack of face-to-face communication

Chatting online, you can’t see a person’s reaction to your words. The computer screen can’t substitute the sound of the voice, eye contact, or seeing the smile of your partner. To mitigate this, you can agree to have a small video chat. If you like each other, you can have video chats more often, and soon decide to meet offline.

How to get acquainted on the Internet

Here, we give you some tips on how to start a conversation with a new person over the Internet. 

1. Set your goals

The Internet is a world of its own. It can be challenging to find someone you like. There are many people on the Internet looking for the same thing as you: someone to get to know, romance, or even more. To find someone, take some time to decide on your goals and communicate with the partners who share them.

2. Study profile before writing a message

Before writing a message to a girl on the Internet, conduct a thorough examination of her profile. The profile is the place where you can learn all about her, including how she acts and what she likes. If you take the time to study her profile, you'll be able to learn everything she wants you to know about her.

3. Ask questions

Making an acquaintance, you first need to show some interest in the girl you like. This could be done by commenting on her posts, or by going to her profile. To create a more successful meeting, you should show your interest in the girl you like and then tell about yourself. This is because she will be more willing to talk to you if you seem interested in her.

4. Don’t be too intrusive

While it can be difficult to not write too much or respond too fast, it’s important to not be too intrusive. This can be tricky because the other person is likely to get bored or not care. Sometimes, you might write too much or too quickly and make the girl start to ignore you. If you see this happening, take a pause, don’t overwhelm the girl’s inbox with messages

5. Don’t postpone a personal meeting

As someone who is looking for love online, you may have noticed that some people want to get to know you better before they would want to meet up in person. If you're meeting someone for the first time, ask them out for coffee to see if you're compatible. If you know you're compatible, offer to eat dinner or go on a date.

Final thoughts

Online dating is a great way to meet a lot of people and find someone you can be compatible with. But just because you are in a digital space and can't see your potential partner in real life, doesn't mean you can't make it work. The steps that we mention in this blog post can help you find a date at