How to Travel with Style in Las Vegas
May 25, 2022

How to Travel with Style in Las Vegas

How to Travel with Style in Las Vegas

Planning a vacation to Las Vegas is a lot of work. One of the biggest mistakes first-timers make is failing to plan and instead embracing the spontaneity of the city. While this approach can lead to excellent adventures, you need some planning to get the most out of the Vegas experience.

Here are some practical tips to help you travel with style in Las Vegas. 

Schedule Private Transportation

One of the biggest rookie planning mistakes when traveling to Vegas is overlooking private transportation. Many people wrongfully think that renting a car for the whole trip or relying on Lyfts is sufficient for seeing the strip. However, you likely won't want to drive into Vegas and the cost and wait times for unplanned transport aren't worth the headache.

Instead, schedule private transportation from las vegas airport to hotel destinations and consider renting a car only for out-of-city excursions. Not only will this save you the cost of parking (which isn't typically included with accommodations), but it could save you hours waiting at the airport.

Also, if your plan is to enjoy the strip and indulge at the casinos or bars, you won't want to drive anyway. Schedule private transportation in advance, then don't worry about it again for the rest of your trip.

Wear Natural Fabrics

Dressing for the Las Vegas weather can be a challenge, especially if you're not used to the heat. However, like any desert location, the nights cool down quickly. You'll also have to contend with dress codes in some areas.

Stick with high-quality natural fabrics that breathe. Cotton and linen never go out of style. Pair your quality couture with a hat and UV-rated sunglasses to keep you safe from the desert sun.

Book Boutique Accommodations

Don't be fooled by the word "luxury" when looking at Las Vegas hotels. There's no regulation about marketing your hotel as a luxury destination when it's really just a high-end chain hotel. The problem with these destinations is that they're typically overly packed with tourists, making it difficult to enjoy the ambiance.

Instead, look for boutique hotels just outside of the strip. These typically have a few hundred people rather than thousands. While they may not have a casino in the same building, it's worth the distance if you want to relax and unwind a bit during your stay.

If you're looking at a hotel with a pool, clarify that it's open while you're there and heated. 

Consider a Reward Card

Many new Las Vegas vacationers overlook the rewards cards, thinking they're probably a scam. In reality, they work like any loyalty card and could help you save a significant amount of money on in-demand experiences. 

Choosing the right card for your trip ultimately depends on your goals and which resort areas you prefer. All of the major casinos offer rewards cards. Take some time to review the perks and determine which suits your needs. 

Reserve Restaurants in Advance

Getting into restaurants along the strip is a nightmare during peak times and seasons. While it may kill the feeling of spontaneity, it's best to book restaurants well in advance. Consider calling and booking reservations at least two weeks before your trip to ensure you get access to the places you want to eat.

if you're planning to catch some exciting Las Vegas shows, find discount tickets for Las Vegas shows ahead of time. It's better to have a plan and change it at the last minute than to find yourself disappointed and hungry after a big day.

Gamble Small, Tip Big

If you're new to gambling, don't go all-in on new games and experiences in Vegas. Set a budget and stick to it, then determine which games are right for you. 

To get the most out of your Las Vegas experience, invest that saved gambling money into tipping your bartenders and servers. This effort makes a huge impact on busy nights and could be the difference between waiting for hours for drinks and living like a VIP. 

If you follow these simple travel tricks, you'll have an amazing experience in Las Vegas.