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How to Tame Out-of-Control Flyaways & Beat Frizzy Hair

How to Tame Out-of-Control Flyaways & Beat Frizzy Hair

Fed up with your annoying flyaways? Exhausted by your fight against frizz? Here's how to overcome those challenges so you can look and feel your best.

Bad hair days are no fun. And it just might be time to stop calling them bad hair days altogether and start calling them what they really are: bad days.

Because for most of us, when our hair doesn’t look good, we don’t feel good. And when we don’t feel good, it’s a bad day!

But there are ways to get those bad [hair] days under control.

Fed up with your annoying flyaways? Exhausted by your fight against frizz?

The good news is that there are some products and insider beauty tricks that you can use to rid yourself of your biggest hair problems.

Here are some easy and effective ways to tame out-of-control flyaways and beat frizz:

Identify the Root of Your Problem

The best way to solve any problem is to identify what’s causing it.

Not all flyaways are frizz, and frizz doesn’t always result in flyaways. Depending on what you’re dealing with, there are different ways to beat the problem.

Some flyaways are the result of static, split ends, and breakage, especially if you have fine or thin hair. Frizzy hair, on the other hand, can look like flyaways, especially around the hairline and at the crown of your head.

Either way, flyaways and frizz can completely ruin a look. But in order to figure out the method that will get them under control, you’ll need to know what you’re dealing with.

How to Tame Flyaways

Do you have loose strands that stick up at the crown of your head? Do you have thin strands around your ears and hairline that you can never seem to control in a ponytail?

Whether you wear your hair short, long, straight, or curly, here are some of the best ways to get your flyaways under control.

Befriend Hairspray

If the 1980s taught us anything, it’s that hairspray can keep your hair in place for hours on end. And having a good old fashioned hairspray on hand is still one of the best ways to control flyaways.

Just don’t overdo it. To keep your spray usage to a minimum, spritz a bit on a toothbrush and apply it to your flyaway-prone areas rather than spraying your entire head.

Cut Back on Brushing

Brushing too much, especially if you’re not using the right kind of brush for your hair, can cause breakage and split ends which, in turn, cause flyaways.

Instead of using a brush, use a comb to detangle your hair and prevent breakage. If you have dry, curly, or fine hair, start combing at the ends of your hair and work your way up to your scalp.

Invest in Some Bobby Pins

Bobby pins come in handy, and they’re a great way to tame those out-of-control hairs that just won’t stay put. You can buy plain ones that match your hair color for an unseen look or invest in decorative hair pins that control your locks and make a statement.

Grab a Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets are designed to eliminate static from laundry. So if your flyaways are a result of static, just grab a dryer sheet from your laundry room and rub it on those flying strands of hair.

Break Out the Moisturizer

In a pinch, the moisturizer you use on your face or your hands can be used to control flyaway hair. Moisturizer hydrates the hair, which is usually all that’s required to get stray hairs to stay put.

How to Control Frizz

Unlike flyaways, which can be tamed with a few quick tricks, frizz requires a much more stringent hair care regimen. Here are some of the best ways to get your frizzy hair as smooth as possible.

Use the Right Products

Does your hair start to frizz as soon as there’s a single drop of humidity in the air? If so, it’s time to start using an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner to protect against the inevitable.

And while your hair might not like moisture in the air, it does need hydration. For an extra punch of hydration, add a leave-in conditioner or argan oil to your styling routine.

The next time you go to the salon for a haircut or color, ask your stylist if a deep conditioning treatment might be beneficial. There are lots of professional products that your stylist can use in the salon, as well as deep conditioning treatments that you can do at home every few weeks.

Put Down the Flat Iron and Curling Iron

Heat-styling products, such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, can do serious damage and cause frizz. If you can, ease up on using styling products that require heat.

Can’t bear the thought of leaving the house without your hair perfectly blow-dried and flat ironed? If you must use heat-styling products, be sure to use a heat protectant as a barrier.

Embrace the Cold

It’s also helpful to turn on the AC and get some cold air blowing. 

Cold hair is always smoother (and less frizzy) than hair that’s been under hot or humid conditions. So the next time you blow-dry or use a hair iron, do so in front of an AC unit with the cold air blowing directly on your hair.

If you don’t have an accessible AC unit to use, blast your hair with cold air from your hairdryer as you style. It works wonders!

Stop Using a Terry Towel

Do you dry or wrap your hair with the same cotton terry towels you use to dry your body? Simply switching to a different kind of towel can seriously help to tame frizz.

Terry towels are rough and often cause breakage. Make the switch to a microfiber towel or a hair turban that’s gentler on the hair.

The best way to beat frizz is to prevent it, and this simple switch can make a huge difference in the overall strength and health of your hair.


For people that are prone to flyaways and frizz, getting your hair under control can feel like a losing battle. But there are lots of easy ways to fix those issues.

When in doubt, speak to your hairstylist about whatever hair problems you’re having. How you look from day to day is a reflection of how good your stylist is, so ask them to recommend products for your specific type of hair. They'll know how to help!

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