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How to Take Photos of Yourself When Traveling Alone: The Best Tips

How to Take Photos of Yourself When Traveling Alone: The Best Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to take photos of yourself if you're traveling alone? If yes, then you should check out our best tips here.

One in nine travelers has jetted off solo in the last 12 months, and for good reason.

Traveling alone teaches a slew of essential values. From confidence to self-discovery to new friendships, you'll gain so much by venturing off by yourself.

Of course, there's a lot to figure out before you set off on a solo journey. Along with the plane and sleeping arrangements, you've started to wonder how you'll capture the moment all on your own.

Namely, you want to know how to take photos of yourself. It's not just about your phone's front-facing camera, either — here's all you need to know.

1. Bring a Real Camera

To take great travel photos, regardless of your number of companions, you should first invest in a camera. Your phone has great quality, but a dedicated digital or film camera will make your shots even better.

Plus, having a camera opens up more options for the ways you can take travel photos.

2. Invest in a Tripod

You don't need a travel partner to take your pictures if you have a tripod.

The great thing about a tripod is that you can straighten and steady your shots before you take them. Then, you can set a timer and hop in the frame for the perfect travel shot.

And, once you see how great your vacation pictures turn out, you might start bringing a tripod on every trip in the future.

3. Pick Up a Selfie Stick, Too

Not every location gives you enough space and time to set up a tripod. So, in more bustling tourist spots. You can whip out a selfie stick instead.

You can grab such an extender for your phone or even for your camera, depending on its size. Either way, having a selfie stick allows you to snap pictures from the perfect angle in front of any tourist hotspot.

4. Invest in a Go Pro

Outdoor enthusiasts love to have photos of themselves skiing, swimming, kayaking and even bungee-jumping.

A GoPro camera can go with you just about anywhere. You can attach it to the top of your helmet for a first-person view of what you're doing. Or, you can flip it around to show your face while you're on the go.

5. Try a Video

Sometimes, you can capture a scene and yourself better with a video than with a picture.

Make a recording of your surroundings, then flip the camera and capture yourself. You can later isolate the frames with you in them. Some of them will be perfect pictures of you on your adventure.

6. Ask a Stranger

It might feel a bit awkward to ask a stranger to take photos for you.

However, having another person behind the lens is one of the best ways to capture your travel pictures as you want them.

Plus, when you travel alone, you will have to put yourself out there anyway. So, once you're on the road, you're likely to find it a lot easier to ask someone for help.

To ensure your pictures turn out well, seek out someone who has a nice camera — they probably know what they're doing.

7. Use Photo Editing Apps

Sometimes, you nearly capture the perfect photo, but it needs a little editing. Maybe your selfie stick is featured in the frame, or your selfie comes out slightly crooked.

A quick photo edit can transform an okay travel photo into the perfect shot. The right app will come with filters and adjustments to add color, crispness and brightness to your shots.

8. Frame Your Feet

A lot of solo travelers skip face shots for frames of their feet. If you find yourself standing on the shores of a different ocean or atop an ancient mosaic, then flip your lens downward.

You're still in the picture, and you capture your travels in a new, creative way. Who knows? Maybe you'll come home with a full gallery of shoe photos perfect for a full gallery.

9. Find a Reflective Surface

Mirrors are your friend when you're trying to take solo travel pictures. You can stand in front of an actual mirror to snap a photo of yourself. But you can also get creative — use unexpectedly reflective materials to capture shots of yourself.

For instance, you might be able to grab a picture of yourself in a shaded shop window, metallic material or even in the reflection of a puddle. Look around and get inspiration from the world — and mirrors — around you.

10. Save It All Securely

Finally, traveling alone means you're the only one taking photos of you. If something happens to your camera or phone, you'll lose all the images you've taken on your journey.

So, learn how to backup photos before you set out. You can do so on your computer, or upload your favorite shots to a cloud-based server. That way, you'll have a second copy no matter what happens on your trip.

And make sure you keep an eye on your camera bag, phone and other valuables at all times. Lock everything up at night if you're staying in a hostel or communal lodging.

How to Take Photos of Yourself? Get Creative

All of the above tips teach you how to take photos of yourself. Ultimately, though, it's up to you to practice, flex your creativity and snap the travel photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Now, your next step is to figure out all of your travel outfits — we can help with that. Check out the rest of our blog for wardrobe tips for use at home and abroad.