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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life In The Bedroom

Men don’t take long to be fully aroused. The same however isn’t the case with a woman. Most men find themselves rushing to satisfy their thirst forgetting their women aren’t fully aroused, hence unsatisfactory sex. Making sure your woman is hot and ready is the only way both of you can enjoy the experience together. It is also worth noting that, just because your woman is wet doesn’t mean she is ready. Arousal can be defined as the increased flow of blood to the genitals making the parts sensitive.

If looking to spice up your sex life and satisfy your woman you may want to try introducing some excitement in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to look at loveplugs or alike to make things interesting. The tips outlined below should come in handy.

1. Take It Slow

Foreplay is the first, and presumably the most important part of healthy and enjoyable sex. Indulging in foreplay prepares both you and her both mentally and physically.

Caressing is the first step to preparing her body and mind. Almost every inch of her body can be used as a playground for caressing. Caress her body before attempting to reach between her legs.  You also need to be careful not to focus on a specific area alone. Learn to caress every part of her body from the neck, ears, arms, legs, chest, and her feet too.  This way, you will be creating waves of emotional sensations throughout her body.

2. Get to Know What She Wants

Don’t make sex just about you, but what your partner wants. Let her get the feeling that she is special by asking her to want she wants or wants you to do. Do this while still caressing her. Don’s just about the things she likes, but what she doesn’t like as well. Doing this shows her that she is loved and that you really want to know about her. Be sure to ask before trying anything new with her.

3. Tickle Her (but be careful)

For some women, tickling her will only increase her arousal. There are however those that find it irritating and discomforting. That said, you need to be careful not to tickle her, only to get her out of the mood. It is however worth noting that, while some women may not respond well to tickles, they can be particularly receptive with you simply placing your palm on her. Check to see what works on her.

4. Be Careful with The French Kiss

While kissing might be part of foreplay, some women aren’t particularly receptive to the French kiss. That said, be sure to know what your woman likes. Don’t start pushing your tongue down her throat while crashing your lips on hers.  Try playing it gentle unless she gives you the signal. Caressing her lips softly with yours, and giving her deep but sensual kisses almost always work on all women. Some will even want to have a constant touch of lips while kissing or in the process of foreplay.  According to experts, kissing shouldn’t be casual or a quickie.

5. Don’t Be in a Hurry

While your body may be aching to be relieved, don’t thrust inside her just yet. The main idea is to make her body want you, even more, thus making her warmer. Don’t however let her cool off, continue caressing her to drive her wild. You can now reach for her most intimate parts and areas and stroke them lovingly.  Delaying any action for a few more minutes will not only make her dripping wet but also make it more enjoyable for both of you.