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How to Spend Less When Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids can be a delightful adventure, but it can also be a costly one. From flights and accommodations to dining and entertainment, the expenses can add up quickly. However, with some strategic planning and smart choices, you can make your family vacation more budget-friendly. Here are some tips to help you spend less when travelling with kids.

Book Tickets in Advance:

One of the most effective ways to save money when travelling with kids is to book your tickets well in advance. Whether you're planning a domestic trip or an international adventure, booking your flights early can lead to significant savings. Look for deals on reputable travel websites like, which often offer discounts for early bookings. By securing your tickets ahead of time, you can also choose the most convenient flight times and seating arrangements for your family.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons:

Peak travel seasons, such as summer and major holidays, often come with higher prices for flights, accommodations, and attractions. To save money, consider travelling during off-peak seasons. Not only will you find better deals on flights and hotels, but you'll also enjoy smaller crowds at popular tourist destinations. This can make your family vacation more enjoyable and less stressful.

Pack Light and Wisely:

Packing efficiently can help you save money on baggage fees and make your trip more manageable. Instead of over-packing, create a checklist of essential items for each family member. If you're flying with an airline that charges for checked bags, try to fit everything into carry-on luggage. Additionally, pack snacks and reusable water bottles to avoid costly airport food and beverage expenses.

Choose Budget-Friendly Accommodations:

While it's tempting to stay at luxurious hotels, budget-friendly accommodations can save you a significant amount of money. Consider booking vacation rentals, hostels, or budget-friendly hotels that offer family-friendly amenities. Websites like and Airbnb can help you find affordable lodging options that cater to families.

Cook Your Own Meals:

Eating out every meal can quickly drain your travel budget, especially when you have kids with hearty appetites. To save money on food expenses, look for accommodations with kitchen facilities or kitchenettes. You can prepare simple meals and snacks, which not only reduces your dining costs but also provides the flexibility to cater to your family's dietary preferences.

Research Free or Low-Cost Attractions:

Entertainment costs can be a significant part of your travel expenses. Instead of splurging on expensive theme parks or tours, research free or low-cost attractions in your destination. Many cities offer museums, parks, and cultural sites that are either free or have affordable admission fees. Plan your itinerary around these budget-friendly options to keep your family entertained without breaking the bank.

Utilize Public Transportation:

Renting a car can be expensive, and parking fees can add up quickly. Instead, consider using public transportation when exploring your destination. Many cities have efficient and cost-effective public transit systems that can take you to popular attractions. Additionally, walking or biking can be enjoyable ways to explore a new place while saving on transportation costs.

Look for Family Discounts:

Before you visit any attraction or activity, check if they offer family discounts or special promotions for children. Many museums, zoos, and theme parks provide reduced admission fees for families, and some even offer free entry for young children. Take advantage of these discounts to make the most of your family vacation budget.

Plan for Rest Days:

Travelling with kids can be tiring, and children often need downtime to rest and recharge. Instead of planning a jam-packed itinerary every day, schedule some rest days where you can enjoy leisurely activities or simply relax at your accommodation. This can help you avoid the temptation to spend money on unnecessary outings and keep your family's energy levels up.

Set a Budget and Stick to It:

Before you embark on your family vacation, create a detailed budget that outlines your expected expenses. Include categories for transportation, accommodations, food, entertainment, and miscellaneous expenses. Having a clear budget will help you stay on track and make informed decisions about where to splurge and where to save.

In conclusion, travelling with kids doesn't have to be a financial burden. By booking tickets in advance, travelling during off-peak seasons, packing wisely, choosing budget-friendly accommodations, and being mindful of your expenses, you can enjoy memorable family adventures without breaking the bank. With careful planning and a little creativity, you can create wonderful memories with your children while keeping your travel budget in check.