How to Set Your Wedding Invites Apart
June 27, 2019

How to Set Your Wedding Invites Apart

Since you were a little girl you’ve dreamed of your wedding day. The flowers, the colors, the place, the music -- it’s all been fantasized about for as long as you can remember. You’ve rehearsed the ceremony in your head.

You’ve picked out your first song. You’ve practiced your dance steps while twirling around your room in your fairy princess dress, imagining your special day and singing to yourself that someday your prince will come. You can’t wait for the day that you meet the person of your dreams and they ask you to be theirs forever.

And here you are. You met the person of your wildest dreams. The proposal was made. You cried out an excited “Yes!” It’s all coming true. You get to plan the wedding of your dreams. You get to have your fantasies come to life alongside the love of your life.

You want every detail to be picture perfect, from the dress you’ll wear down the aisle all the way down to the font on your invitations. You elegant. You want beauty. You want sophisticated. You want unique.

What screams “classic” more than a wax sealed envelope? That straight up brings out some royalty vibes!

But the last thing you want to do is have to hand stamp each and every invitation. Who has time for that sort of thing when you’re planning out the wedding of your dreams?

That’s where these gorgeous personalized wax seals come in.

No need to worry about learning the art of wax stamping from scratch, finding the perfect stamp for your envelopes, going through the process of melting wax and stamping individual envelopes, burning your hands with hot wax and wondering why you chose to seal the dang envelopes with wax in the first place.

These personalized wax seals are just that -- personalized, pre-stamped seals with adhesive backings so they are ready to be put on your invites, save the dates, or thank you cards. They’re the perfect way to make any stationary immediately refined.

Thanks to these seals, you can create a chic vibe and dignified air with each and every envelope you send out.

Your guests will be absolutely thrilled to receive their invitations because they’ll also feel like royalty! What better way to get your friends and family beyond excited for your big day?

Each and every stamp is hand-made, making each one unique. Twelve lovely colors and twenty-four prints are available.

You can experience the elegance before you submit your order with a no risk free sample. And you can add on an extra sample for only $1!

Looking to get your stationary somewhere else? Absolutely no worries! The seals can be purchased separately, so you can have your cake and eat it too!

You deserve a perfect wedding day. Set the stage for the day of your dreams to come true with these seals. You’ll feel like royalty sending your envelopes out, and your guests will feel distinguished receiving them.