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How To Say “I Do” In Style Without Having To Overspend

How To Say “I Do” In Style Without Having To Overspend

We all desire to have the wedding of a lifetime, and for many people, this translates to having a high-budget wedding. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend on your big day, there is a line between having the wedding you deserve and overspending.

Unfortunately, the notion of having dream weddings has become the trend with many people cringing at the mention of a budget wedding. However, having a wedding on a budget does not mean sacrificing on the essentials and making what should be a memorable day dull.

Instead, it is taking the initiative to keep your money in control while ensuring that you have the most delightful wedding you can afford. While there are lots of factors to take into account to save money, the following are the key areas to consider;

  1. The day of your wedding

There are low and peak wedding seasons, which are crucial factors that you must consider as a couple. Besides the seasons, there is also the fact that most people hold their weddings on

Fridays and Saturdays. As such, you are bound to pay more for the wedding venue and other services you opt to have your wedding day during these days or prime seasons.

By timing your wedding to when there is low demand, you instantly get to have top value for your money as everything is favorably priced. Right from the cost of hiring the wedding venue to the costs of the décor, you will get to have huge discounts without much bargaining.

  1. Take charge of the guest list

It might be exciting to have hundreds of people attending your wedding, but this equally means that you will have to cater to their needs. Primarily, this means having to go for a bigger venue that will drive up the décor costs and the necessity of spending more on the catering.

As a couple, you must take time to carefully consider the guestlist for your wedding as the more people you have, the more you must spend. Overly, this is a time to be celebrated with your family and close friends.

By taking the time to consider the significant people you want for the big day, you will be amazed at how easy it is to have a wedding on a budget.

  1. Rent your wedding suit and gown

While it is crucial to look stunning on your big day, this does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on the groom’s suit and bride’s gown. You can always take advantage of rental stores renowned for their quality services and still look amazing without having to settle for less.

Luckily, there are lots of stores that have upped their game when it comes to redefining the standards when it comes to clothing rentals. It becomes better considering that this does not necessitate you to go through the hassle of finding a rental store within your locality or the next city.

Online rental services have become the modern norm and taken over the market as they have addressed the limitations of in-store rentals.

For men, it has never been easier to find that perfect rental suit online without worrying about finding that perfect fit. This is because unlike in-store rentals that are still stuck on the one-size-fits-all mentality, online stores give you the flexibility to have a modern fit.

This is made possible by leading stores that use a fit algorithm to translate the details about your body profile to determine the right size of the suit. As such, this is not a process that necessitates you to have a tape measure, making the entire process simpler and oriented on your satisfaction.

The best part is that leading online wedding suit rental stores always make deliveries up to 14 days before the big day.

This allows you to try out the suit you ordered to ensure that it perfectly fits and enable you to become the man of the day. As you try out the suit, there is a need to take into account professional tips on how a suit should fit in order to have the sharpest look.

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