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How to Remove a Freshly Inked Tattoo?

Tattoos have become a style statement nowadays. Many people love getting beautiful tattoos on different parts of their bodies. They find it very attractive. Many new tattoo parlors are coming up to serve the purpose. But what if, after getting a tattoo, you don't like it? What if the tattoo didn't result in the way you wanted it to be?

However, do not fret. You can remove fresh ink tattoos from the skin. There are few methods of removing the tattoo from the skin, given in detail below. 

How to Remove a Freshly Inked Tattoo?

Methods of removing a tattoo

Since various types of tattoo gun kits are used to make a permanent tattoo, you can remove them. There are mainly two ways of removing the tattoos-

  1. Medical procedure.
  2. Home remedies.

Among these two procedures, the former is the most effective way of removing a tattoo than the latter. However, you can try any one of the two methods, the one you feel will be helpful. 

Always go to the professional tattoo parlor!

It is crucial to get some knowledge about it same goes for tattoos before doing anything. Especially for the first time, you need to know a few key things. 

  • It is always better to get them from a good place.
  • Apart from getting beautiful designs, it is crucial to go to a place where people maintain proper hygiene, especially with needles. You should be careful and see whatever they are using is fresh and new and not a used one. 
  • Hence it is always recommended to go to a professional tattoo parlor, which follows all the safety measures.

How to Remove a Freshly Inked Tattoo?

Types of tattoos

You can get various tattoos, maybe a mini and meaningful design or a symbol. Or if you want, you can write something. There are numerous fonts for that like- Inked Script, Madrian Pro, Sailors Tattoo Pro, etc. There are many more and costs also differently. You can always find enormous options on the internet. 

But it may so happen that you don't like the tattoo and want to remove it. Removing a permanent tattoo is difficult but not impossible.

Experienced dermatologist very important

As mentioned earlier, a medical procedure is the best way to remove the tattoo. But for that, a person must go to an experienced and expert dermatologist. After thoroughly, the dermatologist will recommend you the ways you could remove the tattoo. There are mainly two ways to remove your tattoo from your skin-

  • Laser tattoo removal. 
  • Surgical tattoo removal. 

Laser tattoo removal procedure

The laser tattoo removal procedure is the painless way to remove a tattoo. Here, the doctor uses anesthesia on the skin part where you have the tattoo. For this, a person does not feel any pain. The doctor then uses a laser beam to remove the tattoo. Many people prefer this method to remove the tattoo as it causes comparatively less pain. It is ideal for removing small tattoos.

Demerits of removing a tattoo using laser

 There are a few disadvantages of this process of removing a tattoo.

  • It may cause a wound, although it is curable with medicines' help. 
  • Another demerit is it does not remove the tattoo at once. You may need to go to the doctor quite a few times for its complete removal.

The surgical tattoo removal procedure

The surgical tattoo removal process removes the tattoo effectively. You need to undergo surgery to remove the tattoo. The demerit of this process is that it creates scars on the skin. It is ideal for removing large tattoos. 

Homemade remedies for removing a tattoo

Apart from the medical procedure, you can follow homemade remedies to remove your freshly inked tattoo. It is important to note that homemade remedies are not completely helpful in removing your tattoo. But you can try the following methods-

  • Use lemon juice and salt- Like using lemon juice and salt. You can mix salt with lemon juice, make a paste and apply it to the tattoo. After half an hour, wash it with lukewarm water. 
  • A mixture of salt, honey, yogurt, and aloe-vera- You can also mix salt, honey, yogurt, and aloe-vera and apply it to the tattoo. Leave it for some time and wash it.
  • salabrasion- The other technique which is quite painful and used at home is the salabrasion technique. In this technique, you need to rub salt on the part of the skin where you got the tattoo with a moist sponge. You may also need to use antibiotics on that part of the skin to avoid infection. 

Tattoo removal creams 

Apart from these methods of removing a tattoo, you can also use tattoo removal creams. Many such creams are available in the market. But these are not at all safe to use without consulting a dermatologist. The creams can be harmful to the skin as it contains various chemicals. Therefore it can further damage your skin. 

Glycolic Acid 

Glycolic acid can also help to remove your tattoo. But again, it's better to consult a doctor before it's used. 

The best method among the two

  • Medical way- Among the two methods- medical and homemade, the former is the best way to remove your tattoo. The foremost reason is that a professional doctor will treat you, so the chances of hurting yourself will remain low. But first, it is crucial to find a good dermatologist who is an expert in his work.
  • Homemade remedies- The home remedies are effective, but not much. Besides, there is always a chance of getting an infection. Moreover, you may not know what reacts with your skin, making things worse. 

Therefore you need to choose wisely between the two methods.


Getting a tattoo is your choice and removing it also. It is not impossible to get rid of your permanent tattoo. But it can cause a bit of pain to you. Therefore, many recommend removing the tattoo you can modify the design.

How to Remove a Freshly Inked Tattoo?

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