The teeth are an important part of the body system for many reasons hence the need to properly care for them. The teeth are very functional as they allow for talking, eating, and smiling. It has been noted that any problem that may plague a person’s teeth can hinder them from performing their functions properly. For instance, a weak tooth may make chewing difficult and an ugly set of teeth will prompt a person to smile less.

Ironically, some of the functions of the teeth such as eating can cause problems since food may get stuck from time to time and eventually result in tooth decay. Due to this, top dental clinics like North Scottsdale Dentistry have highlighted a couple of ways that a person should adopt to properly care for the teeth. They are:


Brush Regularly

It has been advised that a person should brush twice daily, once in the morning and again before going to bed. It has also been advised that the best time to brush is 30-60minutes after eating.

This is because certain meals tend to stain the teeth or get stuck in between a person’s teeth. The idea of brushing is to rid the teeth of the stain as well as protect the teeth’s enamel by introducing good active ingredients like fluoride into the oral system.

Brush Properly

A lot of people tend to brush the wrong way. Some might think that the more aggressive one brushes, the better. On the contrary, considering how delicate a person’s teeth are, one should be gentle while brushing so as not to injure the sensitive part like the gum.

While brushing a person should gently move the toothbrush in a circular movement around the teeth. Also, it is important to brush the tongue as well. Another important thing to note is to avoid using too much toothpaste.

Floss Regularly

Floss is a long piece of stringy material that can be used to clean the teeth. Because of its tiny nature, it can remove materials that may still be stuck in between the teeth after brushing. The combination of brushing and flossing helps to completely remove residue and therefore prevents tooth decay.

A toothpick is another option for stubborn pieces of food stuck between teeth. You can find toothpicks in Walmart and many other retailers. Using a toothpick requires care as you can cause damage to your gums if you are too aggressive. 

Use Toothpaste That Contains Fluoride

Fluoride is a very good element that helps prevent the development of holes in a person’s teeth. Because of its benefit, it is even used alongside chlorine for water purification. So, when one uses a toothpaste without fluoride, one is deprived of the many benefits that fluoride has to offer.

Such a person is simply just brushing off stains and food remains and that may weaken the enamels with time. The fluoride will help strengthen the teeth despite the constant brushing that may do otherwise.

Use Mouthwash

Ideally, mouthwash contains materials that can help kill the harmful bacteria in the mouth. So, before brushing, a person should take in mouthwash, gargle, and spit out the liquid. While the other acts like brushing and flossing will remove stains and residue, mouthwash will help remove microorganisms that can cause problems for the person.

Drink A Lot of Water

One of the things that may cause tooth decay is dry mouth. Dry mouth can be a result of less production of saliva. This can be rectified if a person drinks a lot of water. It will keep the mouth moist and induce more saliva production from the salivary gland. Drinking water will also help wash off food and its residues hence preventing tooth decay in the process.

Avoid Food With Too Much Sugar And Acidic Content

When a person takes food with sugar content, the bacteria in the mouth tend to feed more on the teeth and this can result in the wearing off of the protective covers of the teeth.

For food with acidic content, the acid component in the food may also wear off the protective covers of the teeth. This is why it is important to brush after meals to remove the residual remains that may prompt bacteria to feed on the teeth.

As long as a person adopts these practices in the care of his or her teeth, he or she can be assured that he or she will most likely not have any dental issues to worry about. In addition to this, it is also vital that a person consults with a dentist regularly.

This is because sometimes, irrespective of proper teeth care, dental problems may creep up on a person. A visit to the dentist will help prevent any issues or treat any issues that may arise before it gets severe.