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How to Pick the Best Furniture for Your Patio

Decks and patios are as important as your living room or kitchen space. That’s why designing them with the right outdoor furniture must also be on top of your list.

If you have plans on renovating or styling your outdoor space, below are five great tips that you can follow to pull off a stylish, functional, and comfy space.

1. Choose a theme

Focusing on a central theme is a rule of thumb in designing any space, however big or small. A theme will certainly make your outdoor area more stylish. It will also help you minimise your choices when it’s time to buy furniture and other accessories.

The cohesive look that you’re gunning for may revolve around your favourite colour or a particular motif. Once you’ve set your eyes on a theme, you must adhere to that when scouting for furniture, accessories, and textiles that you’ll need to perk up your patio.

You can either go for minimalistic, industrial, brutalist themes, and other inspiration that you can find on the internet. What matters is that the theme of your choice will work well with space and the vibe you want to feel in your outdoor area. 

2. Revisit the colour wheel

Setting up your patio with a certain colour palette in mind goes beyond aesthetics. The reason why choosing the right hues and tones is necessary because colours will set the mood of your outdoor space.

Dark colours, for example, give off a mature and elegant vibe which could be perfect if you’re setting up a bar or lounge on your patio. On the other hand, light colours like white and oak always exude a sense of warmth which is perfect for big family gatherings. These colours will look even more gorgeous if perfectly sunlit.

Aside from the main elements like the furniture, walls, and floors, you also have to choose the perfect accent colours for cushions, fabric and other accessories. Keep in mind that these accents must also work well with your theme.

You can also take advantage of these colours to bring out your character and personal style.

3. Durability is also the name of the game

Outdoor furniture is more susceptible to damage because they are more exposed to elements. Sunlight, rain, wind, dust, and dirt are just some of the culprits in any patio furniture’s destruction.

That’s why they must be made from durable materials. If you’re assured of their build quality, you have nothing to worry about their life expectancy.

4. Get the right measurements

Once you’ve decided on a theme and chosen your colour palette, it might be the best time to take measurements of your patio.

This is a rule of thumb in any building or renovation projects. It may be the most boring job in the whole process, but trust us, you can’t skip it. That’s because you can’t simply decide on how large or small the piece you’re buying based on a gut feel.

Remember that you’re not only making space for the furniture but also people. You want your visitors to freely move around without bumping on something or someone.

If you’ve already sized up your whole patio area, and still can’t find the best one that will fit, custom-made furniture must be your best option.

5. Allocate your budget

Buying furniture is not an activity that you must do on a whim. It involves a lot of planning and budgeting. And the budget is something that must be well taken care of.

If you’re looking for real high-quality furniture, you’ll most likely have to spend more money. That’s because quality furniture is generally much more expensive.

If you’re a little tight with the budget, it might be best to save first instead of forcing yourself to buy expensive pieces that you can’t afford. Once you already have the funds, make sure to get all the best deals that you can get when buying furniture.

How to Pick the Best Furniture for Your Patio

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