How to Make a First Father’s Day Special
May 20, 2019

How to Make a First Father’s Day Special

The first Father’s Day is an exciting milestone for any new dad. So, why not aim to make it even more special by treating him to the perfect day?

There are a lot of ways you can make a first Father’s Day special and it helps that most men are pretty easy to please. To give you a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some top ways to help him celebrate the occasion.

Get him something from the baby

What could be cuter and more heart-warming than receiving a gift signed from your baby? You’re sure to make his day with this thoughtful gift. You could start by giving him a Father’s Day card from baby, along with a personalised gift such as a mug. You’ll find a great selection of cards and gifts from companies such as the Card Factory.

Treat him to a full English fry-up

After he’s opened his card and gift, surprise him with a home cooked full English breakfast. A fry-up is considered to be the breakfast of kings for most men, so if he loves his bacon and sausages, he’s going to be extremely happy with this surprise! For added bonus points, serve him breakfast in bed.

Let him indulge in a little me time

When baby comes along, it’s much more difficult to enjoy a little “me time”. However, it’s easy to forget that dad needs it too. After enjoying a big breakfast and spending a little time together, why not let him have some much needed “me time”?

He could use this time to watch sports, hang out with friends or simply relax and watch a movie in bed. For many new dads, this is the ultimate gift!

Invest in matching dad and baby gifts

If you really want to make him smile, a great gift to consider is matching dad and baby clothing. You can find a wide range of funny and cute designs if you shop around. One particularly popular matching set is a t-shirt for dad which reads “I created a monster”, then a matching onesie for baby reading “Monster”. Take a look online and you’ll find so many more cute varieties he’s sure to love.

Let him know you appreciate him

Sometimes, the best gifts really do come from the heart. So, be sure to let him know just how much he’s appreciated. This is sure to make his day and help him to feel that extra bit special.

The tips above are sure to make his first Father’s Day extra memorable. As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune to give him the best Father’s Day ever.