How To Look Younger As A Man
March 19, 2020

How To Look Younger As A Man

We all wish to look and feel younger than we are. While it may be impossible to turn back time, it is quite possible to restore your youthful looks. There are several benefits/advantages of having a youthful look.

For starters, it can make a difference in your personal and career life. Whether looking to improve your dating prospects or eyeing for a promotion at work, trying your best to look as youthful as possible might be all it takes. Outlined below are a few ways to help you restore/maintain a more youthful look.

The first step to looking younger is by first identifying factors that affect the same. For men, these include:

a. The hair and skin

b. Your dress code, wardrobe, and haircut

c.Mental and bodily care. 

1. Dress According To Your Age

Focusing on age-appropriate clothes will not only help boost your appearance and looks but also create the impression of a younger you. Men in their mid-30s and beyond ought to consider classic stales that never get old. A good example of those would be an Oxford shirt and a fitted blazer. The one thing you need to concentrate on is fitting clothes. That said, consider shopping for high-quality pieces that not only fit well but also compliment your shape.

2. Dye Those Grey Hairs

Very few people embrace grey hair with courage. While George Clooney might look good in silver hair, chances are you won't look as handsome.  The simplest way to deal with the 'grey hair' menace is by having them dyed. Dyeing helps hide the signs of aging perfectly, but only when done by a professional. Unless you know what you are doing, have someone with some experience in the same to help out. Buy Finasteride for hair loss.

3. Get Rid Of The Wrinkles

Wrinkles may start to appear underneath the lower eyelids, the forehead, and the corners of the eyes. These are key indicators that you aren't young anymore. Getting rid of these before they can cause havoc to your otherwise youthful look would be an excellent idea.  You could choose to get Botox or even better, use a men's firming serum for the same results.

Some of the best firming serums (for men) on the market today contain Vitamin A and other compounds that induce increased collagen production.  Triggering increased collagen production helps the skin get firmer, thus eliminating any wrinkles and stretchmarks altogether. Pay particular attention to the main ingredients used in these serums to identify the best one for your skin.

4. Mask the Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Puffiness under the eyes and dark circles are other common signs of aging in men. Although these may appear as a result of stress, excess alcohol intake, and lack of sleep, you still need to take care of the dark circles in one way or another. Some of the best ways to get rid of puffiness under the eyes include getting enough sleep and learning to manage stress. You might also want to use a men's eye cream to hide the dark circles. Be sure to apply the eye cream every day for the best results.

5. Groom/Shave That Beard

Although beards may be necessary for some men's appearance, they can make one appear much older than he already is. That said, it would be advisable to groom your beard thoroughly, or even better shave it off. Shaving your beard smooth gives you a more youthful and cleaner look, hence recommended for all. You might also want to cut/trim your hair as well.  This is particularly important for men with a receding hairline or male pattern baldness. Men with short hair appear much younger than they indeed are.

6. Start Meditating

Stress is the worst thing that can happen to your health and appearance. Lack of sleep can have an equally devastating effect on your health, with the most common signs of poor sleep being dark circles and dull skin. Learning to keep stress in check and getting enough sleep can, however, help improve your health and skin tone. Meditation can be a remedy for this.

Meditation has long been used to treat stress and anxiety for thousands of years. It is also known to improve sleep, fight stress and depression, as well as reenergize the brain and other organs. Make it a habit of meditating whenever faced with an obstacle, or cannot find sleep.

How To Look Younger As A Man