How to lead Instagram: Instructions For Men
September 19, 2019

How to lead Instagram: Instructions For Men

Being a man on Instagram is much easier than a woman. According to statistics, women still prevail in the social network for visuals, which means that competition among them is higher. Therefore, men can slowly attack followers' feeds. The main thing before this is to study several rules of success that we compiled.

Strive for a glossy cover look

The first and one of the most important rules of male Instagram is to be well-groomed. A lush beard ennobled in a barbershop, sharp cheekbones, bushy eyebrows, a relief press - all this objectification created the Instagram empire.

But remember, if you decide to build a personal brand on the foundation of your appearance, then be prepared to bring it to an ideal level and above.

For example, if you choose to be a glamorous dandy and carry the style to the masses, be so kind as to renew your wardrobe, choosing classic and casual things by color, texture and, of course, size, so that every detail makes you a better version of yourself.

Also, you should always keep yourself in shape and regularly visit the gym, or find a workout- but then there is a risk of the appearance of identical photos in your profile, which will cause many questions from followers.

And if you do not have the looks of Messi and do not want to position yourself as a pretty face from the cover, there are a bunch of other ways to promote your account using Yes, it will be more difficult for you, but look for your concept! 

Expose Your Fashion Sense 

Instagram is one of the world's best social media networks to show your fashion taste. One good example of a concept is showing people your outfit ideas. There are many amazing outfit ideas you can feature to express your unique style and personality on Instagram. So, how do you express your fashion ideas online? 

Take a look at the following examples on how to express your fashion sense: 

  • Show Your Everyday Wear: It’s a good idea to show what makes up your wardrobe and your everyday and favorite outfit of the day. Your Instagram post will draw more attention from the masses. They’ll find your posts more realistic than those staged in fashion magazines. 
  • Show Marked Improvements: Show your audience how you try your best to improve your looks every day. Inspire them to be at their own best, not only in terms of fashion, but also health-wise. Show how you strive to exercise regularly to attain the body shape or muscles you have today. 
  • Use Photography Hashtags: Hashtags say a lot. If you want to lead Instagram, make sure you know how to use the best self portrait hashtags. It will increase the chances of your Instagram posts getting more views. Just make sure to post high-quality portrait photos to showcase your taste in fashion. Whether you want to boost your expertise in choosing the best tuxedo or any formal attire, sportswear, or casual wear, your photos must be professionally taken.  
  • Accessorize: Men, like women, are also free to use accessories. Because Instagram is highly visual, you can capture your intended audience's attention by using stunning accessories, such as bulky metal chains. Mix and match wardrobe and accessories to highlight your body’s best features. It’s one way to capture the interest of your audience, inspiring them not to hesitate to wear accessories too.

Or find your style

We understand that not everyone will be able to motivate themselves for everyday training in the gym and eternal visits to cosmetologists and barbers. But stop whining: if you want the popular Instagram – work for it. And secondly, you still have many options. Just use your work or hobby to create an image.

For example, you make wooden furniture. Show your followers the whole process of work, tell us what inspires you, be sure to add photos of yourself next to a huge oak tree, from which a table will later appear.

So you can catch not only lovers of unusual professions, journalists in search of heroes, ladies who are interested, but also a business audience, and if you are lucky, future customers.

Or you are a startup, and while huddling in a small office at the factory - but about to attract the next investment rank, launch the application - and leave with it, for example, to California. Then your photo story feed will become a success story. Maybe a movie will be shot about you later and Ashton Kutcher will play you (but that's not a fact).

You must have a impression

The visual style is one thing, but the concept is another. Instagram is full of lifestyle, fashion and psychology profiles, so you have to stand out - then you take off. For example, you live in a village and grow chickens, carrots, and own a stable. At the same time, at local discos, you are considered a handsome guy.

Then Olympus is waiting for you: a sexy farmer. Or do you make such make-up that any girl is jealous of you and secretly wants you to make-up her? Showing everyone your talent, you will lure cosmetic brands with their loaded boxes of beauty products and advertising budgets. If journalists notice you, then followers will be added even without investment in advertising.

Become a follower of a healthy lifestyle

The second most popular after male fashionistas are athletes of different orientations (from yoga to CrossFit). If you already go to the gym and squat with a barbell or bend like a willow branch, just take the camera with you - and you will like the content.

At the same time, your workouts and nutrition tips will be useful not only to guys who are jealous of your triceps but also to girls who are still obsessed with the idea of ​​pumping.

You can tell the story of the transformation of your body, and then take someone into your wards and put experiments on him or her (just, please, go through the training courses for fitness trainers before that). Yes, there is great competition in this niche, but sport is a really popular Instagram theme. And going to the gym is easier.

Pump up a sense of humor

If natural looks, stylish clothes and biceps are not your thing, start joking. You can shoot vines (yes, they are still popular) on topics that trigger everyone, or speak in stand-ups in Stories, or write jokes right under the photo. And do not forget to respond sarcastically to the comments of followers, this is half the success!

Just don’t become a radical: you don’t need to be a toastmaster, but posting too smart jokes with a triple bottom and a linguistic bias is not worth it: in either case, the vast majority of followers will not appreciate your efforts.

Learn to take photos so that not only your mom likes the feed

Your account may be dedicated to a gloomy metropolis in which there is hopeless loneliness in the spirit of Batman, or to you personally, but photographed in a cinematic manner and with complete retouching - or the delight of minimalism.

If you have a talent for photography, then Instagram followers will welcome you with open arms: a beautiful picture will always catch the eye. And for the whole world to know about your photo masterpieces, take part in contests.

Talk about the work of your life

Of course, some professions are so requested to be shown on Instagram, for example, pilots and stewards, wedding photographers and psychologists. But we are sure that talking about engineering, the fire service, and surgery is no less productive. Your business is the springboard for your Instagram career.

Do not think that when working in a factory you are not interesting to anyone. It all depends on what content you have and how you post it.

Maybe it will be portraits of your colleagues on the conveyor or a selfie from a feast in the dining room on the occasion of the director’s birthday (sometimes the rule “the worse the better” works). In parallel, you can talk about how to survive on a minimum wage and motivate people to move away from consumerism to reasonable consumption.

How to lead Instagram: Instructions For Men