How to Improve your Golf Swing
January 15, 2020

How to Improve your Golf Swing

Let's begin with balance - the core of all action.  If you move forward on your toes or back on your heels when swinging, the hands and body will attempt to compensate in a way to have the golf club head hit the ball. 

Moreover, this will alter all elements included in a swing; but, it's for the worst instead of the good.  No swing flaws can be resolved unless you start swinging with balance.  If you want to improve, it is recommended that you do something more difficult than the desired final swing.

 Swinging a golf club when standing on a foam log is far more challenging than swinging with feet flat on the ground.  If you are able to maintain balance when standing on the log, then you can do it on the ground easily.

Every golf player I have instructed has asked how they can perform with more consistent results.  The key to effective swings is to work with a single-piece takeaway.  It is vital that the body and hands work are in sync. 

A swing should not be too hand-focused as this will lead to underusing the body, loss of club control, and a lower degree of swing power.  For effective play, it is recommended that you move the club with your chest or shoulders and not hands.

  Hand-focused golf players are less powerful than chest or shoulder-oriented players.  Furthermore, there is less consistency in the latter playing style.

Another technique is to practice your tempo and then slow the tempo down.  Of course, a swing should not be too slow for effectiveness.  Swinging in tempo allows the hands and body to move the club according to a proper line. 

It also allows the body weight to shift in the correct sequence, resulting in maximum power behind the swing.

Once you have achieved these elements, it is time to relax and swing.  Remember, golf swings are not vertical, horizontal or flat.  An effective swing follows a tilted circle.  When following the tilted circle, you can perform in a more consistent and powerful manner.

When you achieve a solid golf swing, it is time to evaluate the overall routine.  A sound pre-shot routine requires a technique, but you should not become overwhelmed with the mechanics of the swing. 

Focusing on the robotic side of swinging can lead to tension which is the enemy of all golf swings.  Begin by standing behind the golf ball and visualize the shot.  Do not walk up to the golf ball until the curvature is visible, as well as the ball flight and shot. 

Once you are ready, take a step forward and breathe calmly to relax.  Check the golf club for alignment, set the body to the club, and grip the club.  Waggle and then let it rip!  If you have the budget, or if you're one of the lucky people who received a virtual golf simulator as a gift, then you can take the practice indoors even if it's no longer the golfing season.

Once you have perfected your swing try the fun challenge of night golf. Create your own night golf package.

How to Improve your Golf Swing