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How to Improve Sexual Stamina for Men

How to Improve Sexual Stamina for Men

Biologically, women just take longer to finish! Here’s some easy ways to up your go time that will keep both of you happy.

From old fashioned squeeze techniques, diet and restful sleep to the latest in physical restraints and stimulators. It’s not rocket science, but to the uninitiated, it’s a metaphorical jungle out there.

Getting your mojo back or finding some in the first place is as different for each man as there are sworn-by methods. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many common sense, easy and practical methods to boost stamina without overdoing anything.

Real science or just another hard sell?

Sexual stamina is a lot like any other physical term. Terms like health and fitness. What are those, really? Sexual stamina needn’t mean you have to power on for hours at a time, with multiple and voluminous ejaculations. As fun as it sounds, good luck trying to find a partner willing to subject themselves to all that.

How to Improve Sexual Stamina for Men

Most female partners want their partner to last long enough to share the best parts of intimacy, and it might surprise a lot of guys to hear that the climax isn’t everything, although it sure does count.

Stamina for stamina’s sake or for your own ego might not be the order of the day for your relationship, but it certainly can boost self-esteem and a sense of worth.

Taking your time and letting your partner know, through telling and showing that you want them is what a lot of women really want. They want to be wanted. The physical side of things will flow a lot easier, and she will help you to go slow and last longer if you’re both in sync. So, if it’s all about you and your cumshot… maybe she’s not into that so much.

The practice run

Taking time to share feelings, to show them to your partner is a turn-on for most women. Nothing generates sex endorphins quicker than the fluttering heart. So take time physically and emotionally. Re-read that if need be x 100. Explore both aspects within each other and the foreplay will be more intense. Got it? Great!

Anything You Want’

Taking care of business for yourself an hour or two before proceedings is a popular and effective way of letting off some steam. Older guys mightn’t spring back so quickly, but young men can usually benefit from this technique.

There’s also no shame in having a lengthy foreplay session in which the male ejaculates and then goes on to pleasure his partner in a number of ways, culminating in penetration with a second orgasm. Take your time, enjoy each other. And for goodness sakes, have some fun too!

If you find you’re finishing way too soon, even after a preparatory climax, maybe you should see a doctor (premature is generally less than 1-2 minutes of stimulation).

Squeeze technique and the boring common sense stuff

It sounds cliché, but getting enough sleep, eating a balanced, nutritious diet and having regular exercise is sound advice for anybody. Men who ejaculate frequently can benefit from higher zinc, magnesium levels and protein rich foods are always on the menu, particularly if you work out or have a higher muscle to body fat ratio.

How to Improve Sexual Stamina for Men

If your own sensitivity, or maybe just the passion inside you is so great that you pop before your partner, and you’re sure it isn’t a clinical issue, there’s a couple of nifty ways to delay the inevitable.

Gently squeezing the base of the erect shaft as climax approaches is an oldie but a goodie. The problem most people have is they squeeze way too hard. Making a circle with your thumb and index finger, placing it over the shaft, and down to the base, then closing just enough to prevent the reflex from the testes to the prostate is all that’s required.

It’s a gentle squeeze guys. And, as always, practice makes perfect. Set aside ten minutes instead of two for your next personal pleasure session, and give it a try, not just once, but say, every time for three months. You will most likely be surprised if you stick with it.

No time for DIY delay techniques? The world of sexual accessories has you more than covered, with a myriad of generally safe, easy to use and cost effective silicone or rubber rings, designed to do the same thing.

They’re intended for short term use, a half hour tops, and only delay the natural response using gentle pressure. Sites like Hotcherry have a great selection, and if you want to incorporate some prostate stimulation into the mix, there’s a ton of products that help there too.

Strangely enough, by increasing the type of stimulation, males can increase their arousal and sensitivity without swift ejaculation.

The technique of edging is popular, and perfectly safe, and should be built up to the point where you can comfortably stimulate yourself for as long as you would ideally meet your partner in climax, and then allow for the release.

How to Improve Sexual Stamina for Men

But everything’s fine down there... isn’t it?

If your partner is happy the way things are, and they have no problems with their own climax, then there’s no need to rock the boat, right? Variety is the spice of life though, and if you feel you would feel better being able to go for longer, even for your own personal adventures, there’s no time like the present.

For couples where both partners need to work on the timing, the easiest, safest (and cheapest) way is the delayed response method, or stop/start. It will take some practice, but you can have a lot of fun in between!

Intercourse isn’t the only type of sex, either. Lots of couples use oral techniques or toys to stimulate each other, or one partner to the point of climax before penetration, making the happy moment a shared one almost every time. Talking, sharing and trying different things are always the best ways to find out what works best for you and your partner.

If you don’t yet have a partner, the joy of solo pleasure can be extended easily past the 1 or 2 minute mark, using any of the techniques above. If you let yourself go once or twice, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s not a marathon, but it is a game, and the game should be fun more than anything else, so relax and enjoy it!

As mentioned, there’s no one technique or magic bullet for everybody and the best physical techniques require diligent practice to be noticeable and beneficial. Half of the fun is in the trying, wouldn’t you agree?

How to Improve Sexual Stamina for Men