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How To Handle A Kids Party And Live To Tell About It

1. Your natural instinct is probably to invite your kid's entire class, but think about it for a second. Do you have enough space? And what does your budget for the party look like? As much as you want everyone to be there, make peace with the fact that you can only entertain so many kids at one party.

2. In situations when you can only invite a select few, do your best to keep it discreet. In other words, don't do it yourself, and don't ask your kid to hand them out. Instead, speak with their teacher and ask if they can help out in this regard. Alternatively, send a photo of the invite via texts.

3. Definitely discuss the party details with your kids and get reasons if they decide not to invite certain friends. Children can be very intuitive, especially when it comes to making things easier for mom or dad. So, don't be surprised if they feel inclined to keep the numbers down on your behalf.

4. It is recommended to leave out party games if the kids are younger than five. If you don't, prepare for a small disaster to hit your home.

As an added tip, instead of just giving away goodie bags at the end of the party, turn it into a scavenger hunt. This will help to highlight the last moments before everyone goes home.

5. Even though you don't think every layer of pass the parcel should have a prize, the kids at the party will strongly disagree. So play it safe or face the wrath of several unhappy kids. Light up bubbles are a great prize.

6. Do yourself a favor and be prepared for extra kids. Yes, it happens that some parents show up with more kids than expected, and you do not want to be the nasty hostess who didn't have enough candy for everyone.

7. Some kids at the party will either refuse to play party games, or they will wander away in the middle of a game due to boredom. Do not take this personally. More importantly, don't force them into.

8. Just because it is a kid's party doesn't mean you cannot serve a healthy plate of fruits. In fact, you can keep the sugar treats to a minimum. But if you take away all the sugary treats, you are bound to have several unhappy guests. Hence the reason for finding a good balance for the party food.

How To Handle A Kids Party And Live To Tell About It