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How to get a Start as a Celebrity Hair Stylist?

Are you looking for a start as a celebrity hairstylist but do not really know where to begin with? Most celebrity hairstylists claim that they never set out to become one, and it just happened but that does not mean they did not make efforts to be successful and that helped them be where they are today.

We have listed below a few tips as explained by the celebrity hair experts that helped them get into this industry;

Choose Your Working Base Carefully:

To really work for celebrities, you need to be around them which is only possible by working in a saloon that attracts high profile celebrities or works under a celebrity stylist who can help you gain experience of being around celebrities and also aid in networking in this industry.

When you work for a good amount of time under such guidance, you will exactly develop all the qualities needed to deal with celebrities and your resume also becomes shinier by adding this valuable work experience.

Just Be Exceptional:

You need to be exceptional at what you do and create your own brand name by being different from others. Do not copy any other hairstylist but create your own image in the industry as celebrities love to work with professionals who can make them look different from others.

Dress up and Blend:

You just cannot come in the limelight without actually mingling with the celebs hence attend all events and parties along with fashion shows. If you are not invited or cannot afford to attend, then become a backstage volunteer, after all, you may actually meet many celeb clients in backstage green rooms

Join a Networking Group:

Fashion and styling is such an industry where the most important thing that will take you forward in your career is networking. Try to mingle with as many people from your industry and request them to refer or promote you further so that you can set foot in the industry of styling celebrities.

Not just other stylists but get to know celebrity photographers and their PR agents who agree to refer you further to the celebs when they get a contract and you do the same for them, this way both of you will benefit.

Do have a Degree to Frame:

Having natural instincts as a stylist is great but without a formal education, it becomes difficult to set foot in this industry thereby becoming a celebrity hairstylist is something you should forget about. Getting a hår kursus (hair course) from a reputed institute will help you set your foot in this industry and it will add huge value to your resume.

Get Involved in Committee Work:

This advice may sound absurd, but this actually helps as you meet people from all professions here and you never know where you find your first break. Even celebs like to associate with community services hence contribute your valuable time to social work and you may get rewarded by getting a break in your career.

As explained by celebrity hairstylists, the only way to succeed in this industry is by getting noticed and being visible hence improve your visibility in this industry and you will definitely get your first break as a celebrity hairstylist.