How to Fix Your Headlights
June 05, 2019

How to Fix Your Headlights

Try travelling at night with faulty headlights and you will realize how hard it is. Headlights are one of the most important parts of your car when it comes to visibility. They give you enough light to make your driving easy where visibility is a problem.

How to Fix Your Headlights

They are designed to withstand different conditions. Such conditions include changes in humidity, temperature and a lot of vibrations.

However, they still burn out. When they have worked for a long time, or when there is a short, the lights can be affected and stop working. In this case, replacing them may be the only option.

The good news is, you don’t need an expert to help swap the headlights. You can do it yourself from home easily and efficiently. It is important you do this as soon as you notice the problem for your own safety. Here is how.

Get a new bulb

Before you start working on the replacement, click on and get new headlights. Buying quality lights for your automobile will ensure you go for a long time without having to come back again.

You don’t want to but just any bulbs for your headlights. Boodmo gives you a variety of options to choose from. Take your time to compare different manufacturers and the prices they have put up.

Remove the headlights

Now that you already have the new lights with you, go on an remove the blown-out headlights. If you have never done this before, this is how.

How to Fix Your Headlights

  1. Open the hood. In most cars, you will need to access the headlight from the back, which means getting to them from under the hood.
  2. Battery disconnection. Do not replace the bulbs without disconnecting the battery first. The electrical system of your vehicle should always be off to avoid some disasters. Locate where the battery is and loosen the nut on the negative terminal. It is either covered with a red seal, marked with a minus sign of written ‘NEG’. There is no need to remove the positive.
  3. Remove trim components. The trim components are parts that are used to protect the back of the headlights. They could simply be plastic components. You need to be very careful because of some of the brittle plastic clips holding the trims may break, giving you extra work. 
  4. Unplug the pigtail. The headlight should have a visible pigtail. Pull down the release clip and it will help you take out the headlights. Be sure you avoid pulling out the wiring.
  5. Twist and pull. It should be easy to access the headlights from here. Simply twist and pull the out bulb you want to replace. Do not force it out because this may damage the holder.

Install the new bulb

The next step is to replace a damaged bulb which is the reverse of the steps above. Start by removing the bulb from the package without touching it. The modern bulbs are a bit delicate and hands can damage it. If you cannot hold the base of the bulb, use gloves. 

How to Fix Your Headlights

Now wipe the new bulb with alcohol and dry it. This is if you held it with hands – it removes oils.

Insert the bulb into the housing by sliding and twisting it. Ensure you have twisted it well to keep it securely in place.

Now connect the wire pigtail on your headlight and replace the trim pieces you removed earlier. Then reconnect the battery and taste if the headlights are working.

As simple as that, you have good headlights on your car. You don’t need to spend money sourcing for expert help.