How to Find Classic and Old Toys to Buy
November 27, 2019

How to Find Classic and Old Toys to Buy

‘They don’t make ‘em like they used to.’ You’ve probably heard an older relative use this phrase from time to time, and it usually applies to something practical, like furniture or a car. It often doesn’t apply to collectable items like toys or stamps.

Nonetheless, there is something fantastic about purchasing a vintage item. One of the most significant collector items in the world are toys and action figures, including old and new ones alike.

Finding those toys can sometimes be challenging. The internet is a vast place, and finding the ideal set of Transformers G1 Toys or vintage Beanie Baby is tough. Sometimes, the internet is just too big, and you can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you have presented before you.

In this article, you will get some quick tips on where you can find some of those classic toys to add to your collection, whether they are Transformers G1 Toys or other kinds of toys. It’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint, so make sure you’re holding on for the long run.


Having been around since 1995, eBay has long been the leader in online auctions and selling and for a good reason. It’s impossible to stick around for 20+ years without doing something right.

eBay ranks at the top of the list because of its trustworthiness and ease. The site has had a long time to work out the tweaks, and it has made things easy for buyers and sellers alike.

Many high-priced items come with a guarantee, and there are all kinds of protective measures for buyers and sellers. Plus, if you have a PayPal account, then that makes the procedures easier.

The one downside is that the site has been the target of a few security breaches over the years, with the most recent being in 2014, where 145 million users had their data compromised. Other than that, eBay is a fantastic option. eBay ranks at the top of the list because of its trustworthiness and ease.

Social Media

More than just sharing pictures and updates, social media offers the chance to find groups where people can connect with a community easily.

When it comes to toy collecting, Facebook is one of the best platforms out there. You may not have the connection chances you would with Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, as those can be more anonymous.

With Facebook, you can check a user’s information easier to make sure that he or she is trustworthy. While there are groups all around the world, Facebook can even help connect people locally. It’s much better than Googling and crossing your fingers for good results.


While the online world can offer plenty of options, the offline world is just as convenient. You can easily find toy conventions in many countries where you’ll be able to network and meet plenty of people.

There is no high or low season for conventions, and they run year-round across multiple countries. Many conventions are planned out an entire year in advance so you can set your schedule and be ready to make the trip. Especially for niche collectibles like model railroad sets, model trains, vintage comics or comic figures there are a ton of conventions.

This is also a much better option than blindly trying your luck with garage sales or antiquing. Is it possible to find a diamond in the rough? Of course, but it may not have the proper condition or may not even be the right edition. Heading off to a convention is a much safer bet and much more enjoyable too.