Toronto's Casino
November 03, 2022

How to Dress Up For a Night in Toronto's Casino

The luxurious land-based casinos have always been considered the perfect place to mingle with like-minded people. These brick-and-mortar establishments have different dress codes, so it can be, sometimes, hard to pick what to wear for the occasion. In movies, you'll probably see them wearing tuxedos and sparkling dresses for the ladies, which is synonymous with the gambler's suaveness and sophistication.

Although Canadians are known for their gambling acts considering over 70% of their population carry out some form of gambling each year, Toronto, one of its most popular cities, only has four land-based casinos established throughout its region. However, this doesn't stop its residents and even tourists from spending their nights out at each of them. They all have different dress codes that you need to adhere to if you don't want to get kicked out. In this article, with the help of we will be looking at the different types of land-based casino dress codes that are accepted at these luxurious land-based casinos in Toronto.

The Types Of Dress Codes

All protocols set out by mobile slots casino, including dress codes, have to be strictly adhered to. Not doing so might see you lose access to the casino which will see your reputation ruined the casino. There are different types of dress codes accepted by casinos across the world and also in Toronto casinos. For the average land-based casino, the dress codes are usually as follows:


Most land-based casinos accept casual outfits for their guests. Dressing casually means being comfortable in your clothing which is respectable for the public. Some common examples of casual outfits are sportswear, jeans and t-shirts. In some areas, you'll be even allowed to tweak your casual wear depending on the temperature, and shorts will be allowed.

Smart Casual

This is a type of wardrobe dressing code that takes the casual outfit a step higher than usual. Land-based casinos that prefer the smart-casual dress code prohibit trainer jeans and other sportswear. They prefer traditional plain t-shirts and a decent pair of trousers instead of worn-out casual jeans. Smart casual dresses are usually compared to the average upmarket dress codes accepted at restaurants.


Land-based casinos that accept this mode of dressing won't tolerate your gold shirt and trousers. In this type of casino, ladies will have to put on nice dresses or trousers suits. The gentlemen will have to put on their suits and collared shirts. This dress code is mainly used in casino events for high rollers. The gambling experience reaches its peak at these events.

Black Tie

Some casinos usually have events exclusive only to their VIPs. In these types of events, black tie dress codes are the only form of dressing accepted by the casino. The gentlemen will put on their formidable tuxedos with a black tie, while the ladies will compliment their dress with a prized jewel. These types of events are usually special, so you'll be lucky to get invited to them.


There are only four land-based casinos established throughout Toronto, with each of them having their dress code. You must check out their dress codes and other rules before visiting them, so you won't have a bad experience with them. The four land-based casinos have over 3,000 slots and gaming machines, so you won't be bored there.