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How to Design Your Own T-Shirt from Scratch

How to Design Your Own T-Shirt from Scratch

Ever wondered what the world would be without the invention of these simple, yet very fundamental clothing called the t-shirts? Well, with utmost certainty, it would be a different world altogether. A t-shirt is a familiar day-to-day attire, the reason being due to the comfort that they provide, colourfulness not forgetting the obvious simplicity experienced.

Unlike other types of clothing, a t-shirt can be cheap and found in almost all clothing stores. It can also be a versatile clothing as any kind of t-shirt can be worn for several occasions, including hiking, classes, and even sleeping. But aside from these things, a t-shirt can be customized. Whether you want to print your name, add your family portrait, print your favorite brand, or add whatever design you want, you can do so without any hassle by printing onto AS colour

Thus, are you looking for a way to design a t-shirt from scratch? Hang on! We have just the right step-by-step tips suggested by The Tshirt Mill that provides t-shirt printing in Adelaide. Let’s get right to it. 

What is the purpose?

Having a clear and well-stipulated purpose for your t-shirt is critical since it steers you in the best approach in designing. There’re myriads of reasons as to why you would choose to design a t-shirt, be it for marketing purposes, create awareness about something, or celebrating a special day among others. Once you have this part figured out, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you’ll end up using the wrong designs for your t-shirt. 


Select a Design

For the clothing design, you ought to figure out which t-shirt cut you will settle for. These range from V-necks, Crew-necks, and raglan sleeves. In addition, there are round-necks. The determinant factors for you to make these decisions are highly on lifestyle and target customer preference.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more unique design ideas for your own t-shirts, you may check out some online marketplaces for a wide variety of options. They can provide you with a wide selection of t-shirt designs from iconic brands and artists that you can use for designing your t-shirts. Also, some online t-shirt sellers also provide printing services, wherein they can take care of the printing of your chosen designs and other fulfillment services.

Choose the printing material

For the t-shirt material, you need to juggle your mind in between a material that is easy to print, wash for example cotton and polyester. Most importantly, Is it affordable?

Pick a colour

Well, colour is arguably the most conspicuous thing that if tees are to go by, a person will notice even before they settle on the design. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose your colours wisely.

Each shade out rightly evokes emotions allowing you to convey important aspects about your brand. You might not want to make your colours shouting. Choose a calm combination from your colour palette. Keep in mind that the t-shirt designs have both the fabric and graphic colour attributes and these two need to blend in ceremoniously. To complement the magic of authentic colors, you can prefer using rapid cure plastisol ink that promises lasting quality.


Choose your fonts

Fonts are another integral elements that need to be checked keenly. You definitely would want people to see legible writing on your t-shirt. The idea here is to make it as easy as possible, without getting stares as people try to decipher the words.

Selecting your graphics

We all agree that it stands unopposed that the human mind perceives graphics way better and faster as compared to words, right? Also, incorporating graphics into the t-shirt can be the best way to make the design shine from the crowd. For this reason, you ought to make your graphics to be exceptional and eye-catching.

For example, if you want to design your company t-shirt, you might want to add your business’s logo on your t-shirt to promote your brand properly. Also, if you’re looking for a more playful and fun t-shirt, you may consider adding some visual graphics or illustrations.

What printing options are available?

Across all platforms, printing is similar. There are a variety of printing methods you can employ, including heat press printing, screen printing, direct to garment (DTG), direct to film (DTF), and sublimation printing, among others, that can be done with the AA Prestige A3 printer and ink and supplies from sites such as AA Print Supply Co. T-shirt printing offers a range of ink options, including:

  • Water based-Embedded in the fabric
  • Plastisol- commonly used in screen printing
  • High density-Sticks out from the shirt.
  • Novelty-Basically has a glittering look.
  • Gel -Has the wetter appearance
  • Foil -usually has a shiny appearance


Hurray! Finally, it’s about time to set right into production. You ought to find a skilled printer who will actualize your dream design.  In doing so, you should consider your prospects’ years of experience in the printing industry, reputation, level of customer service, and other essential characteristics. Once you find the right printer, You just have to export and submit your design from your printer in the form of a PDF or EPS file.


T-shirt designs and printing could never get easier and accessible than this. Feel free to use our highlighted tips to offer assistance where need be.

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